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    Posted by Louisa Mills
    29 April, 2015

    New Beginnings by Sandy Newbigging

    In ‘New Beginnings’, Sandy shows you how to let go of the old, embrace the new, and manifest your goals. Here’s an introduction to¬†the first first¬†of his ten inner teachings:

    Inner Teaching 1: Outer Reflects Inner NEW BEGINNINGS Sandy C Newbigging

    Inner thoughts, including your beliefs, intentions and expectations, are the inner seeds of your external life circumstances. Meaning that your self-image, including your personal opinions about who you think you are and what you believe you are capable of, shapes your external health, wealth, relationships, living and working environments, and so on.y

    The seeds that you sow become the life that you grow.

    Intentionally directing the universe in ways that will create more of the things you want begins with making sure your inner self-image reflects the outer new things that you wish to bring into your life. Or in other words, that you know in your heart and mind that you are worthy of receiving what it is you want.

    See Sandy at the London Wellbeing Festival


    TICKETS FOR THE LONDON WELLBEING FESTIVAL AVAILABLE FROM THIS BOOKING PAGE! Concession Tickets available for Senior citizens, disabled, unemployed, NUS students and NHS nurses on production of relevant supporting ID. Accompanied children under 15 go in for free.

    London Mind Body Spirit Festivals always bring together a richly diverse crowd of all¬†ages from across the UK and beyond. This year’s vibrant fusion¬†of¬†faiths, energies and ideas will meet in oneness to celebrate ‘Wellbeing’ with music, talks, exhibitions,¬†love and laughter.

    A Free Stage will be at the heart of the festival with over 30 hours of dynamic artistic and musical performances as well as live demonstrations with full audience interactions. There is also an impressive line-up of special workshops, from international leaders and cutting edge teachers, includes Sandy Newbigging, among other authors featured in Cygnus magazines (skip to the end of this email to see books by some of these authors and a free article by Sandy Newbigging).

    Heightening the experience even further, there will be a¬†‘Wellbeing Studio‘, ‘Mantra Lounge‘, ‘Love Dome‘, ‘Pop Up Temple‘, Wild Wellbeing Spa, experiential art space and a¬†360¬į ‘Soul Dome Cinema’.¬†If you want to know more about the festival,¬†check out the Mind Body Spirit site and prepare to be as wide eyed as¬†I¬†was!


    When you volunteer for Cygnus at events you get to really immerse yourself in the experience¬†from a different perspective – meeting more people as they stop to share¬†open dialogue. You really feel¬†part of the whole buzz when you’re behind that book table;¬†once you’ve tried it, you’ll know what I mean.

    Cygnus are looking for someone to volunteer at the London Wellbeing Festival, any time from 1.30pm tomorrow¬†30th April to the¬†end of show Monday 4th May (help¬†especially needed to shift boxes to and from the stand). Please get in touch if you’re interested, by phoning¬†Geoff Napier on 07971 856 944, email or call the office on 01558 825 503.

    Say “Hello” to Cygnus at stand A5!

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    ‚ėÖ ¬†Cygnus Cafe Meetings over the next couple of weeks …

    Cygnus Cafe Meetings over the next couple of weeks …

    Visit the Cygnus Cafe webpage for further information, including contact details, on the following meet-ups, or to check what’s on in in your area!

    County/Town Venue Date Time
    Hereford Moon Inn, Mordiford Wednesday 29th April 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Bristol Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Old Vicarage, Gloucester Rd Wednesday 29th April 11am onwards
    Pontypridd Trattoria, 9 High Street Thursday 30th April 12pm to 2.30pm
    Thornbury The Swan Friday 1st May 11am to Noon
    Carmarthen Green Space Gallery, 2nd Floor, 30 King Street Monday 4th May 10.30am to 4pm
    Ulverston Natterjacks, Queen Street Monday 4th May 7.30pm
    Taunton Naturalife Health Food Shop, 28 Bridge Street Sat 9th May 2.30pm – 5pm

    Being the New Vibration

    Something has shifted in me while writing this email for you. Reading¬†Sandy Newbigging has really got through to me, along with the positive messages from the¬†bright, young artists I discovered on the Wellbeing Festival’s line-up. The clouds have lifted and the stormy feelings I’ve had (since the eclipses and since this, that and the¬†other being in¬†retrograde), they’ve all settled and I see clearer than I have in¬†what seems like ages. And I like what I see!

    I can honestly say that I believe we are going to be okay. Better than that. Right now, in this very moment, we are creating a new vibration in which we are going to thrive. Together, in oneness Рwith acceptance of all our differences and our varying beliefs (or non-beliefs), celebrating and encouraging our individual talents and soul purposes Рwe can rise above all the scary stuff and the injustices because they do not define us! Together, we are stronger and step by step we are making a difference. Keep reaching out. Trust, change is happening.

    Music mix, from me to you, with love

    Who remembers making¬†tape mixes back in the day? Spending time carefully selecting songs with the intention of making someone smile, that’s a pretty neat way to show you care. So, I thought I’d share¬†some¬†music with you – specifically, the music that inspired all that clarity and optimism I just mentioned. May I introduce¬†three young¬†buskers, set to appear at the London¬†Wellbeing Festival: Sam Garrett, Ny Oh and Roaman. Not many of us do tapes anymore so I’ve made you this¬†playlist on Soundcloud, which also includes music from some of the other artists that will be performing at the festival.¬†Enjoy!

    One love,


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