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    Posted by Sandy C Newbigging
    29 April, 2015

    In ‘New Beginnings’, Sandy shows you how to let go of the old, embrace the new, and manifest your goals. Here’s an introduction to the first first of his ten inner teachings:

    Inner Teaching 1: Outer Reflects Inner

    Inner thoughts, including your beliefs, intentions and expectations, are the inner seeds of your external life circumstances. Meaning that your self-image, including your personal opinions about who you think you are and what you believe you are capable of, shapes your external health, wealth, relationships, living and working environments, and so on.

    The seeds that you sow become the life that you grow.

    Intentionally directing the universe in ways that will create more of the things you want begins with making sure your inner self-image reflects the outer new things that you wish to bring into your life. Or in other words, that you know in your heart and mind that you are worthy of receiving what it is you want.

    Even if you don’t immediately believe it to be true, if you start to intentionally think about yourself as a more positive, passionate, confident, adventurous and abundant person you will begin to make decisions that will create a person and life that reflects your self-image. On the other hand, the same is also true if you perceive yourself as a dull, timid, failure who lives a poor, boring and loveless life. If you go on thinking negative things about yourself, then you will not deem yourself deserving of allowing miracles to flow through your life.

    Ultimately it can be your choice to shape your self-image in a way that will help you to feel worthy of miracles. Let now be the time you choose to take control of the opinions you have about yourself.

    Inner Teaching 2: Highlight Highest Hope

    For the universe to be able to deliver what you want, you must first know what you want! Getter super-clear on what I call your heat’s highest hope can be the difference that makes all the difference. To help, I’m giving you an imaginary magic wand and with it you can have any one wish. What would you ask for? Take a moment to consider your options.

    Let me give you a top tip here. If a physical or external thing comes to mind, such as better health, more money or meeting a life partner, ask yourself ‘why do I ultimately want it? Whenever I ask people this, they usually say something like: “If I met someone then I’ would experience love” or “If I was healthy then I’d be happy.” So by that rationale, their highest desire is actually love or happiness. See the difference? More often than not, the heart’s greatest desire is a positive inner experience.

    Despite your heart’s greatest desire being an inner experience, this does not mean that you have to give up on improving your external life circumstances. You are here to enjoy 200% of life after all. By doing this, you are free to fully experience the peace and joy that comes from being present, while making whatever improvements to your life circumstances you want. In reality, I find that when people are resting in their heart’s greatest desire by being fully present they are naturally much more willing to think big about how they’d love their external life to be. It’s a genuine win-win!

    Inner Teaching Three: Be Here Now

    NEW BEGINNINGS Sandy NewbiggingHarnessing the power of the universe requires your attention to be aligned with the point in space and time in which the universe exists and operates. In reality, everything in this universe exists now. Now is all there is. Your life is happening now. In fact, your life is nothing more than the present moment you’re in. Now is all you have. If you are lucky enough to wake up tomorrow, open your eyes and be blessed with the gift of life, all you have is one more now!

    Embracing each and every new beginning is about embracing the now. Whenever you are in the now, you are noticing all that is now. Whenever you are thinking about the past, your focus is out of the now and you are in your head, thinking. Whenever you are thinking about the future, your focus is out of the now, and again you are in your head.

    Missing the magnificent moment can create an awful amount of unnecessary pain, stress and struggle. You risk spending your life in lack, always wanting more than what you have; you risk never feeling fulfilled. You risk regretting things about your past or pining for times that were “better”. If you ever say “I’ll be happy when …” or “I’ll be able to relax when …” then you are needlessly postponing your enjoyment of the moment you’re in.

    Now is forever new and fresh and full of vibrant life. When you reconnect with now you discover that it is much more appealing to be here than in any other time.

    © 2013 by Sandy C Newbigging (, author of New Beginnings: Ten Teachings for Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life (Findhorn Press, 2013)

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