The Power of Unconditional Forgiveness

Posted by Louisa Mills
28 May, 2015

Unconditional Forgiveness by Mary Hayes-Grieco

Guided by the belief that there is nothing that is unforgivable, Mary Hayes-Grieco outlines Eight Steps to Freedom, to forgive everyone and everything. Her approach to forgiveness includes ritual with a spiritual practice that incorporates Western therapeutic practices with Eastern concepts such as healing and chakras. The Eight Steps to Unconditional Forgiveness begin with expressing our feelings and a desire to change. We restore our boundaries, open to the healing energy of the universe, send unconditional love to the person we believe has offended us, and find a pathway to a greater good. Working with Unconditional Forgiveness is about healing wounds and wiping away scars to feel better physically and emotionally. Unconditional Forgiveness goes beyond letting go of resentments. It is an act of universal harmony that’s about living your life with purpose and truly moving forward.

8 steps to Unconditional Forgiveness

In this short video, Mary Hayes Grieco, gives us a brief introduction to the eight steps to unconditional forgiveness.

These methods can¬†help us forgive anything – whether it’s every day stuff or¬†the really¬†big issues. It can be in regards to an individual, a group of people, an event in our lives, something that has or is happening in the world, the ¬†government, religion or, as Mary goes into in the book, even God.

Cygnus Cafe Meetings over the next couple of weeks …

The number of Cygnus Cafe Meetings is growing all the time! Here’s a list of confirmed meet ups over the next couple of weeks. Visit the Cygnus Cafe webpage¬†for more information and to check, with your local group,¬†whether there’s something coming up¬†where you live.

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A Story of how the Light is being spread unconditionally

A few weeks ago a Cygnus supporter moved to a new area. Her home was in a cull de sac.  Each time she came close to home she felt she was being bathed in Light.  She attended her first Cygnus Cafe and during the course of the evening discovered that the person sitting next to her was her new neighbour. Furthermore, later in the evening her neighbour disclosed that she had been imagining Light spreading out from her home during her meditations. Then the penny dropped, this was how the Light had been released!

What if we forgive the big stuff?

By forgiving, we’re not saying that what has happened, or is happening, is okay. Some of the things that people do can be¬†immoral and nasty¬†and it hurts. Mary Hayes Grecio says it’s not about forgiving and forgetting, it’s about forgiving but not forgetting. Because there are some really atrocious things happening in this world to our¬†brothers¬†and¬†sisters, to innocent animals, to the environment, to society as a whole¬†that we don’t want to just forget and ignore.

Websites like 38 Degrees¬†and Causes give us a big¬†insight into everything that’s happening and, encouragingly, how many people are stepping¬†up to stop it. Doing¬†something about the wrong we see, signing the petitions, holding a banner – that’s all great, we like that, but our action is¬†all the more effective when it comes from a place of calm, clarity and compassion. That¬†calm, clarity and authentic compassion can be more sustained when we refuse to allow our focus to be directed towards¬†fear, anger¬†and¬†hate. Remember what¬†Yoda¬†warned, in Star Wars?

‘Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering’.

It’s the suffering and the ‘dark side’ we want to see an end to, right? When we forgive we¬†don’t wear that suffering and darkness. When we forgive we let go of all that and focus instead on the¬†solutions, on the healing and¬†on social evolution. How many of us have said the words ‘be the change!’? When we forgive, we’re more equipped to walk that talk. I’m going to give it a go … are you?


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A song of forgiveness

Singing like an angel, Elisa sings about forgiveness being the key to this world. When I heard the¬†children’s choir join in with their harmonising, I felt a rush of pure, loving energy¬†reassuring me that¬†all can be forgiven.

One love,


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