Colour Yourself Calm Mandalas – Now in Stock

Posted by Louisa Mills
10 June, 2015

This week we get our crayons out for some mandala colouring in. We’re looking at how mandalas aid mindfulness and will end with some calming singing bowl music from Ashana. Includes special offers and information on Cygnus’ new ‘Books on Demand’ service!


COLOUR YOURSELF CALM: Mandalas by Tiddy Rowan

Finding time to explore our inner subconscious might seem like a challenge in this modern world, but Colour Yourself Calm offers a simple solution. The book contains 30 beautiful mandalas with black and white drawings for colouring in. Colouring the mandalas provides the perfect opportunity to relax the mind, body and spirit whilst also allowing you to express your creative side. Become absorbed in colouring in these sacred objects of beauty and find your heart and mind fall into coherence after even the most stressful or restful day. Each mandala is accompanied by an inspirational quote to complement the experience.

**Colour in a Mandala from this book**

Book of the week special offer

Order Colour Yourself Calm – before midnight 17th June – and it’ll arrive with a voucher for 10% off your next order. Just quote ‘CRAYONS’ when ordering (using the notes field if ordering online).

6 good reasons to make / colour in a mandala

1)  Mindfulness and focus
Remember being completely absorbed in colouring in as a child? I remember colouring in like there was nothing else in the world but me and that rainbow, or whatever I was bringing to life with my crayons. That complete connection with your creativity is a nice, natural exercise in mindfulness and focus.

2)  Relax / De-stress
In our subconscious throw-back to childhood, we trade pressure and responsibility with a warm-fuzzy relaxation. Psychologist Carl G Jüng used this relaxation technique for himself and his clients in the early 20th century; his studies revealing the deep healing effect that mandalas have on our human psyche.

3)  Feed your creativity
As Tiddy Rowan explains, in the intro to Colour Yourself Calm, the symmetrical, concentric circles of mandalas ease the overloaded mind and release it’s deep-rooted creative and expressive inclination. Working with mandalas is a chance to explore your own inner creativity!

4)  Meditation
Meditation doesn’t have to mean thinking about nothing – very often it’s about focusing all your attention on one particular thing. Mandalas are designed to draw your eye towards their centres and help aid a meditative state of focus.

5)  Tap into unconscious knowledge
The wisdom of our soul can often get lost in the translation into words. When we work with mandalas we stop reaching with words and a more flowing, direct communication occurs, with the deeper part of our psyche.

6)  Prayer / blessing
As Tibetan monks create sand mandalas, they chant prayers and ask the deities of the mandalas for healing blessings extending across the whole world. Putting energy and intention into mandalas is a good way to offer pure, devotional prayer.


Special Offer

The first three people to use the Cygnus ‘Books on Demand’ service will each receive a Free One Year Subscription to the Cygnus Community Magazine. Be sure to quote ‘MANDALAS’ when ordering (use the notes field if ordering online).

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And relax …

Well, we are coming to the end of a Mercury retrograde. Most of us would let out a sigh of relief at that! Mercury retrogrades are often blamed for arguments, confusion and basically everything going wrong … but there’s always a positive!

A Mercury retrograde reminds us to take a step back from everything from time to time, to venture within for insight and clarity. If we go with the flow, this compelling period can bring powerful realisations – emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

We can ride the after-wave of this retrograde by spending some honest time, right now, with our inner-selves. Breathe. Listen. Observe. The music I have for you this week resonates beautifully with our mandala work, for that.

In this live performance, Ashana creates healing sounds, using crystal bowls and voice. The Kundalini mantra you hear ‘Ong Namo’ means ‘I bow in humble invitation to the Infinite Creative energy / God consciousness to enter manifestation’.

One love,



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