Peace of the Soul: Colouring In Mandala

Peace of Soul PS


This beautiful mandala was created by Paul Heussenstamm. It appears in the book Colour Yourself Calm, written and compiled by Tiddy Rowan. The book encourages us to apply ourselves to colouring in mandalas, for mindfulness and healing. Read this blog for more about the benefits of colouring in mandalas.

Sample Colouring In Activity from Colour Yourself Calm

Before you begin colouring in, look¬†at¬†the image while focusing on your breathing.¬†Slow to a¬†steady, calm¬†breath. When you feel centred, begin. You can focus on a particular thought or intention –¬†or simply put all your attention into the colouring in.¬†The more often you apply yourself to mandala work, the¬†more¬†focused and mindful you will notice yourself become,¬†in your everyday life.

Be mindful – not mind full. –¬†Tiddy Rowan

Peace of Soul Colouring in


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