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Sharing Quotes from The Power of the Heart

What are your favourite quotes from The Power of the Heart? If you’d like to share your favourite quotes – from the film or the book – with the Cygnus Community, you can either comment at the end of this blog, post on the Cygnus Facebook page or Tweet @CygnusBooks. Here are my favourite quotes from the film, which I have just finished watching (again!).

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Inspirational Quotes from The Power of the Heart DVD

The higher order of logic and understanding originates in your heart, it’s experienced in your heart, it’s lived in your heart. – Gary Zukav

I believe that the heart is the most forceful, impactful element in our lives. – Maya Angelou

The heart seems to be connected to a type of intuition that is not bound by the limits of time and space. But what is that source of intuion, what is the heart connected to and how can we learn to tap into more of that? – Rollin McCraty, in reference to research done at Heart Math

Dont forget your purpose in life! Give a chance to your dream! We are not meant to regret. I’m not saying you’re not going to suffer. I’m not saying that you’re not going to be defeated. I’m saying that you’re not going to regret. – Paulo Cohelo

If I am asked to leave who I am, or part of who I am outside, then no matter what we do in that relationship, I won’t grow because I won’t be able to stay connected to my heart – Mark Nepo

Lao Tzu said that ‘I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience and compassion. In an age where we run from the depth of feeling and the teachings of the heart, our fear can reframe simplicity as ‘stupidity’, patience as laziness and compassion as sentimentality and therefore make them not worthwhile to pick up. Simplicity refers to direct living, first hand experience – to the return to touching life directly. This restores our wholeheartedness. Patience also restores us to wholeheartedness. The urgencies we feel ever pressing are mostly false. Unless you or I can’t breath or we’re bleeding there’s no real urgency. And compassion means to be with, to keep honest company. – Mark Nepo

If you don’t open your heart then existence will crush you. Not because there’s something evil about existence but because, like the way water fills a hole, if you don’t meet the world with who you are then everything around will just fill you in. Some might say ‘if I’m out in the world, I could get hurt, I could get taken advantage of, I could be betrayed, my trust may not be rewarded’ – this is all true but I have found that the cost for not staying open-hearted, whole-hearted is that I lose access to my aliveness. – Mark Nepo

We have a life to live. The heart has the answers. – Michael Beckwith

The power of the heart is the power of life itself, the power of the very intelligence that pervades and underlies the entire universe. – Eckhart Tolle, Power of the Heart

Every spiritual tradition throughout history has spoken about the heart as being seat of the soul. The ‘diamond in the heart’, the ‘lotus in the heart’, the ‘temple in the heart’. Every tradition speaks about the heart as being the essence of who we are – Isabel Allende

Divine intelligence is in your heart. You will not find your soul in your intellect – Gary Zukav

It often happens that when your actions become empowered and contribute something vital to this world, then abundance, in some form, can sometimes flow to you. – Eckhart Tolle

“wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure” – Paolo Cohelo

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