Power of the Heart DVD and a Special Invitation!

Posted by Louisa Mills
10 July, 2015

The Power of the Heart DVD

The Cygnus’ Pick of the¬†Week is a powerful DVD – one that can inspire big, positive change in our lives and in the world around us.

Featuring some of the most inspiring and influential icons of our age, including Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Isabel Allende, Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle, this film ‚ÄĒ which ties into a book of the same name ‚ÄĒ presents fascinating evidence that your heart is much more than a physical organ‚Ķ and that it can actually transform your views of forgiveness, grief, success, conflict, relationships and health.

Watching these sincere and relatable discussions will help guide your focus beyond obstructions Рsuch as fear, resentment and materialism Рto the clarity, compassion and contentment of the heart.

Including a fascinating look into the Heartmath research on the intuitive power of the heart, and with¬†touching real life stories, this film is an experience that will lead you to uncover… and rediscover… the treasure in your chest.

Cygnus Price: £17.99  (RRP: £24.99, Amazon: £23.20)



One World is a truly magical festival where you can unwind and be your Self. Set in 120 acres of idyllic Somerset woods and farmland, this family friendly summer camp has entertainment from around the world and is vibrant with music, dance, theatre, therapies and much more. There are hundreds of workshops for adults and plenty of fun activities for children of all ages, with a programme full of creative play. The whole experience is focused on spiritual and social development, good health and heartfelt cooperation.

The atmosphere is always amazing at the One World Festivals and this year is a 20th Anniversary celebration so bound to be full of extra happy, feel good vibes!

The One World Health Foundation want to welcome Cygnus Supporters to their special¬†festival with 20% off bookings for everyone with a supporting membership card! On top of that, for every¬†booking from a Cygnus Supporter, the beautiful souls at¬†One World will donate¬†a further 20%¬†to our¬†Cygnus Community. We’ve got some more information on the festival and the offer on our blog page. For secure online¬†booking, please follow this link.

Our community has also been invited to hold Cygnus Cafe Meetings at 2.30pm everyday of the festival. What a beautifully fitting setting that will be! Cafe Coordinators, attendees and those interested in starting a Cygnus Cafe Group, please click here for more details.

Cygnus Caf√© Meetings over the next couple of weeks …

Cygnus Café Meetings are a great way to make local, like-minded friends.

These are just the meet ups that have been confirmed;¬†please check with your local coordinator to find out when there’s something¬†happening near you, in case Cygnus haven’t managed to list it yet.

THORNBURY, S.GLOUCESTERSHIRE – The Swan, 17 High Street maggiejeffery2@hotmail.co.uk Friday¬†10th July 11am –¬†Noon
¬†COCKERMOUTH, CUMBRIA ¬†panda.gibson@btinternet.com ¬†Monday 13th July ¬†7pm –¬†9.30pm
LEAMINGTON SPA longman.sarah@googlemail.com Monday 13th July 10.30am-12.30pm
Avon, Bath, New Oriel Hall, Larkhall jay_jacobs@sky.com Wednesday 15th July 11am to 1pm
¬†SCARBOROUGH –¬†Fountains Court ¬†info@fountainscourt.com ¬†Thursday 16th July 6.45pm-8.45pm

From the heart

Every word I¬†share with you comes from my heart. I am here, under the wing of an enigmatic, Great Swan because¬†my heart led me here. And look, you¬†have followed your heart here, too. I want to tell you that I¬†honour and appreciate this¬†heartled community we are all developing together, each of us connected¬†by just the right books, just the right words and even¬†more importantly … by the spaces between the words, where you can hear the message of the heart beat …

One love, one heart,


p.s. Let’s not forget the music … One Love by the late, great Bob Marley

This award winning fan video by Painting In Pictures is probably the happiest fan video ever. The smiling faces, of all ages and many cultures complement the beautiful message of this uplifting song.

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