Mary Daniel reveals what integrity really means

Posted by Mary Daniel
25 April, 2016

by Mary Daniel, author of Wild Awakening (published by Hay House)

When Geoff invited me to write this article for Cygnus review I was over the moon, what an honour I thought. Over the years, as I have slowly got to know Geoff Napier and the Cygnus community, I have come to see what a genuine space of wisdom, love, hard work and realness it is.

As much as the term is thrown around, used in the values list of companies, and referred to as a good quality to have; what does it actually mean to live with integrity?

In essence it is really about knowing yourself, being true to yourself and living your life in a way that reflects what that means.  I am a 29/11 which (for any of you that aren’t that familiar with Dan Millman’s amazing numerology book ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’) means my life path is all about integrity and wisdom. However, the more I am learning about what it truly means to live with integrity, the more I am seeing the level of commitment that comes with being true to oneself.

Being in integrity is more than just ‘speaking your truth’

I have often been told I am someone who has no problem speaking her truth and even hearing the truth (not entirely sure about that, my mentor has made me wince quite a few times!). But as lovely as that is to hear, that is not the whole picture of what it means to live with integrity. I have learned that living with integrity is more than just ‘speaking one’s truth’ it is about working out what you want for yourself, what brings you alive and brings meaning to your life, not just for yourself, but also in alignment to others and this planet because, in a very powerful way we are all connected.

There are times when a good intention is just not good enough!

Being in integrity has to be more than just a well intentioned thought or idea, it is about what we do, how we show up and most importantly how we clean up after the mess we sometimes leave behind when things don’t quite go to plan. So stating our intention is great but still the beginning, making that commitment to take responsibility for the choices we make also plays a big part.

Living in integrity requires us to not only tap into our inner wisdom, but to act on it. Don’t be a wise fool.

I always joke about how I often feel as if I am the wise fool in the playground, sometimes continuously going round and round the all too familiar merry go round of ‘same old’ ‘same old’.

Wisdom is not something dormant that exists ‘somewhere within or outside of us’, nor is it something we inherit when we hit a certain age. It is an on-going process, a self-discovery journey of who we really are. The wisdom that is innately inside us all never goes anywhere, it is always there sitting quietly and patiently, waiting for the moment we are willing to see it, hear it and most importantly act upon it.

Self-awareness is essential if we want live a life with Integrity.

I have learned increasingly that our own Self-awareness is the only way we can live a life with integrity. If we don’t reflect and learn from past experiences and lessons, then every action we take is based on a stab in the dark or a lie. If we want integrity and wisdom to sit at the heart of what we do, then we need to embody it in every way.

I have learned that in order for me to deliver on the promises I continue to make with myself, I not only need to increase my level of self-awareness. I also need to keep going with my daily practice that shows me where and when I have crossed that very thin line of being in and out of integrity!

So, what I am really saying is being in integrity is really all about knowing who you are and staying true to what that looks like for you. It needn’t be a heavy cross to bear or feel like an uphill slog, as long as you keep tuning into what you want, have the courage to follow your heart and are mindful of the impact your choices are having on yourself, others and the environment you live in!

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