Using the Mind-Body-Soul connection to heal + be happy

Posted by Sandy C. Newbigging
25 April, 2016

By Sandy C. Newbigging

You don’t need a doctorate from Cambridge or Harvard to know your mind is constantly causing changes to occur within your body. Simply watch a movie that’s a bit of a tearjerker and the undeniable evidence of the mind–body connection can fast end up rolling down your face. Bear witness to injustices and you can feel your blood boil. Your stomach can churn when contemplating concerning thoughts and you can find your mouth watering at the mere thought of a food you enjoy. Yet, despite the proof being prolific, it is easy to neglect the mind when helping the body to heal and stay healthy.

Stress is sighted as being one of the biggest causes of the majority of physical diseases. At the same time, meditation is known to be the most effective cure available for significantly reducing stress. Yet, again, despite these facts staring us in the face there are still relatively few methods of meditation used to actively support the healing of the body, with even fewer techniques having been specially designed to target the mind-based causes of stress and ill health.


With Body Calm I want to bring meditation and healing together as an ideal marriage made for health heaven.  Body Calm is a system for self-healing and sustained health that includes a life-changing philosophy, quick-start cures for resolving the sources of stress and an enjoyable meditation technique that cleans up the communications happening between the mind and body and brings about a healthier belief system.  Based upon a decade of discovery at my clinics, academy courses and retreats, I’ve also mapped the human body to create five directories listing the probable mind-based causes of a whole host of physical conditions.

Although stress is often named as the main cause of ill health, it isn’t the reason why people get sick because stress is caused by conflict. Furthermore, for conflict to be present within your mind, body or life, there exists the presence of the two opposing forces of resistance and attachment. By this I mean, whenever you encounter a stressful situation, it is not the event that makes you stressed. Instead, it is the disharmony arising from an inner conflict between a reactive resistance to something you don’t want and an unseen attachment to something you think you need. Within the context of reducing harmful forms of stress, Body Calm aims to heal these hidden causes of conflict.

‘Stress is a symptom of there being conflict between what you mind wants and what your soul knows you need.’

Recognizing stress is caused by the inner push-pull conflict of resistance and attachment is an extremely empowering revelation. It stops you being a victim to circumstance and puts the power to be calm, and thus help your body be healthier, firmly in your own hands. This is vital because you may not be able to control life to make it always pleasing and pleasant. However, when you notice you’re stressed, you can take steps to actively reduce resistance and appease attachment, returning yourself to a more restful state.


Visit a doctor, work with a health practitioner or seek advice from a friend and one of the most common recommendations you’ll receive if feeling unwell is to give your body rest. It seems an easy enough task. Relax. Take some time off, put your feet up and chill out so your body has a better chance to heal. Despite ‘get some rest’ appearing to be a simple thing to do on the surface, most people I meet don’t know how to calm down, disengage from doing and let their body ‘be’.

Central to Body Calm is the invitation to rest in your conscious awareness. Consciousness has no outer edges, is always present and beyond the physical body. It is a serene and secure state of being to return to, where all is wonderfully well and calm is continuous. It is my hope that by using Body Calm, the phrase ‘go home and get some rest’ takes on an entirely new meaning for you and that once you return, you stay for good.

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