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Love and The Golden Rule

Maggie La Tourelle on unconditional love and the importance to love yourself.

The Golden Rule or Law of Reciprocity occurs in nearly every religion and is a good principle to follow in life, irrespective of one’s beliefs. It is best known as: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, from the New Testament, Matthew 7:12. If we apply this rule to love, I imagine we all want to be loved, and the kind of love I’m talking about is unconditional, that is love that is not dependent on romance and is freely available to all. But can we really love someone else if we don’t love yourselves? So before we start applying The Golden Rule in this context we need to start by loving ourselves. I imagine we all know about this already so the following is a gentle reminder – a little, loving gift from you to you.

  • Take time to BE, just with yourself.
  • Be kind, gentle and forgiving towards with yourself.
  • Be aware of what might be stopping you from feeling this.
  • Every feeling of distress be it physical, emotional or mental is a signal that is crying out, ‘Love me!’
  • Shed a tear if need be.
  • Feel that lovely soft, warm feeling throughout your body and embrace yourself with your heart and soul.

Now you can share that very special love in the World.

Now you can ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

When my mother had advanced Alzheimer’s she became very loving. She told me:

‘Love is what it is.’

‘The stillness of deep love,

I can’t find words to describe it.’

‘I love everyone.’

‘Love never dies.’

About the author: Maggie La Tourelle is author of The Gift of Alzheimer’s – New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimer’s and its Care. For more information, visit her website.

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