One Year On by Geoff Napier

Posted by Geoff Napier
30 January, 2019

It is now a whole year since I left the Cygnus team and the timing was perfect. 25 years of scouring a thousand or more new MBS titles each month to share the gems had taken its toll on both Ann and me. I am very grateful to have a complete change, leave this task behind, allowing me to move on. (Thank you Adam, for taking over this massive task!)

Without this distraction, I have been learning to re-connect with my intuition, which I think I had stopped listening to altogether. I have also been discovering where I am stuck and am learning to let go as much as
I can of those thoughts, attitudes and habits that are holding me back from my own spiritual growth.

No longer working for Cygnus day and night has given me the time to address other issues that have been cluttering up my life. I have discovered I was grossly out of balance in many areas. For example, I had forgotten how to laugh and enjoy life. I am now learning to relax and take the time to appreciate our beautiful, breathtaking world.

To my amazement, I am discovering how each daily experience is actually
a metaphor for understanding my inner journey. Even the smallest detail can throw fresh light on an inner conundrum. It’s a childish example but this new perspective reminds me of the first time I picked up a pair of binoculars and looked at them the “wrong way”. Everything appears so different! A change in perspective can throw fresh light on many a situation.

The wise ones of the past are right. How we are emotionally influences the outer events of our lives intimately. When we are following our heart’s promptings, our life begins to flow. When we act out of our conditioning or simply react with our ego, we begin to drift out of the sparkling flow into stagnant waters.

Finally, I have had time to remember, acknowledge consciously, and then heal past lives that have been leaving deep resonances throughout my life. Releasing these previously unconscious influences, consciously letting them go by choosing not to identify with them again, has been an amazing discovery. Past lives come to the surface for a reason, and that is to remember the original emotional impact, feel it and then release it. When a bubble bursts, it’s gone.

Probably the most enjoyable events of this past year have been my visits to many Cygnus Cafes. Their participants are discovering how freeing from conditioning it is, to simply “be” with each other with open hearts without the fear of judgement. It may take a few meetings before all present feel that this is a safe space to share their vulnerabilities and so take the next steps towards their authentic selves. We have recently discovered that this period of developing cohesion can be reduced significantly by everyone coming to the meeting having set their intention to be in harmony with the highest good.

If you are hungering for real “heart- touching” conversations and the deep rapid spiritual growth that this brings, I thoroughly recommend you seek out the nearest Cygnus Cafe and see if it is right for you…

In these groups, we are learning to accept ourselves as we are, and have
as much compassion for ourselves as we have for others. Many of us had forgotten (myself included) that we Human Beings can simply ask for help from the Universe, to erase disharmonious conditioning that obscures the Light which already shines within each of us. It is our birthright.

Well, dear friends, I wish you that extra space and those peaceful moments, which may be all you need to begin meeting your perfect essence. It’s there, waiting patiently, to shine more brightly each day of your life.

With Love, Geoff

Geoff Napier now lives at The Cotswold Healing Retreat

This article was published in the Summer 2018 Cygnus Review.

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