John Holland on Opening Your Psychic Awarness (Extract from Bridging Two Realms)

Posted by John Hollands
15 February, 2019

In today’s society, most of mankind has forgotten what incredible, intuitive, sentient beings we are. Many of us have wandered too far into the realm of analytical thinking. We exist mainly in the physical world, which results in our focusing too much on everything that’s outside ourselves. I think it’s important, from time to time, to remember that there’s a whole innerworld ready and waiting for you that can be accessed whenever you want.

The entire second half of this book was written for people who want to understand and develop their psychic and mediumship potential. Whether you’re curious about what it takes or have a desire to become a medium, I hope this section provides you with the guidance you’ve been seeking. Equally, if you’re looking to understand the workings of your own spiritual abilities, then this part of the book will be of great benefit.

We all possess the spiritual ability to become more consciously aware of the inner workings of our soul, with all its capabilities and innate sensitivity. In other words, we have the natural capacity to utilize our intuitive psychic abilities in almost any area of our lives. One of my favourite statements to
say during my presentations is: “We all came from God, and I don’t think a Divine Intelligence would let us come here without a little help. The gift of intuition is our connection to the Divine.” Although intuition is a gift that’s given to each and every soul, it’s important to remember that we’re responsible for developing it ourselves.

When my students start exploring their psychic potential, they often ask me, “What’s the difference between psychic ability and pure intuition?” There’s a fine line between the words psychic and intuition, and the two are often used interchangeably. The use of one can often lead to the other, as a natural progression. Psychic ability is simply the natural extension of our intuition.

Most of us know what intuition means. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ve got a hunch that . . .” or, “My instincts are telling me this . . .” or, “I have a strong gut feeling that …”? These are all forms of intuition. It’s that hunch or that gentle nudge that so often comes out of the blue.

When we learn to recognize, notice, and act upon these feelings, we can establish a strong foundation for the development of our psychic abilities. Psychic ability is being able to take control of your intuition and make these special senses work for you. In fact, the word psychic is from the Greek psychikos, meaning “of the soul.” This signifies that as spiritual beings, we’re able to access, receive, and transmit information that reaches way beyond our physical body and our innate five senses.

Becoming aware of your psychic abilities is useful for more than becoming a medium or connecting to your loved ones. These abilities can greatly assist you in your personal and professional lives, as well as your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Opening the door to your natural psychic abilities is an exciting, enlightening, and life-changing experience. I’ve received thousands of letters and e-mails from past students who’ve told me that since they started working on their all-too-often- dormant abilities, they feel as if their soul or spirit is more consciously alive and awake. They say they’re no longer sleepwalking through life.

I always enjoy teaching my psychic-development class (which is one of my signature workshops) because many who attend feel like they have little or no psychic ability when they arrive. But, once they go through the training and start to receive information via their psychic senses, the transformation is obvious. You can see it written all over their faces. It’s almost as if they discovered something new, even though the ability has always been there, waiting to be accessed. Using your spiritual psychic abilities is quite natural. You can learn to recognize, practice, and trust those intuitive nudges more and more. By doing so, it becomes a wonderful resource for guidance, transformation, and self- empowerment that you can call upon for the rest of your life.
Copyright John Holland 2018

This extract was featured in the Summer 2018 Cygnus Review. John Hollands book Bridging Two Realms can be purchased from Cygnus Books.

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