The Goddess is a Torchlight for Our Times by Sophie Bashford

Posted by Sophie Bashford
8 March, 2019

“The Goddesses are embodiments of universal feminine consciousness who have a longing – and a sacred mandate – to connect
with humanity.”

Twenty years ago, I had no conception of ‘the Goddess’ beyond what I knew from stories, myths, legends and art. If you had told me then – in my twenties – that I would become the author of a book called You Are a Goddess, an intuitive channel for the goddess, and a creator of goddess-centred retreats – I would have laughed in disbelief.

I didn’t experience a celestial vision of the Goddess, telling me in dulcet, ethereal tones that I was to become a spiritual mouthpiece for the Divine Feminine. I didn’t hear a ‘spiritual calling’ from the Goddess instructing me to leave one life and begin another overnight. In truth, I began only to connect with the powers of the sacred feminine realm through actual life experience – as a woman, living an ordinary life in the modern world.

The entrance of the Goddess into my earthly existence began with its breakdown. As a small child who had lost her mother in very early childhood, as I entered my young adult life I found that it was starting to unravel. Emotionally, I was at a tipping point, having held in vast quotas of grief for years. Mentally, I felt lost as I had just left university in the first term. Physically, I was exhausted and struggling with anxiety. And spiritually – I had no clue how to open up to my divine Self.

This is where the Goddess entered my life. Briefly, with the pregnancy of my first daughter I was plunged into deep healing of my emotions, the experience of which began opening up my psychic and spiritual channels to a life-force energy that had been dormant within my Soul for centuries.

Through synchronicity and Divine Hand, I was thrown headlong into a spiritual awakening to my ancient links to the Goddess. It often felt like chaos, dissolution, and wilderness. Many aspects of my physical life seemed to topple over like dominoes: I eventually came to recognise this as the effect of the fierce Hindu Goddess of Transformation, Kali.

Over time, I formed an intuitive link with numerous Goddesses, and they showed me how women were living examples and embodiments of their consciousness. They revealed how, in our patriarchal-dominant cultures, we have been conditioned out of understanding how the Feminine Spirit works through us – and importantly, how this energy can support and guide us.

My personal and professional experience has shown me that currently women are hungry for the spiritual feminine, and recognize that this energy has something nourishing to give them. Many women sense that something vital is hidden or locked up within their energy systems – the feminine essence – and that this essence has long been marginalized and suppressed on our planet.

We are seeing this resurgence in interest for the Goddess everywhere, as women instinctively yearn to be more in touch with ‘feminine’ qualities and spirituality, for example: trusting their deep intuition, recognizing the loving voice of their heart, allowing natural cycles of life to unfold, listening to innate body wisdom, prizing nurturing, healing energy and the health of relationships, looking after their sensitivity and valuing the wisdom of emotions.

With intuitively channelled messages, guided meditations and unique teachings, You Are a Goddess leads the reader on a stirring journey of self-discovery. Sharing candid stories of my own evolving relationship with Goddess consciousness, I connect readers with each Goddess in turn, helping to ignite their spiritual growth, uncover feminine healing gifts and underpin self-healing, positive change and empowerment.

The Goddess has returned with all the tools that women need to heal, awaken and transform – and bring their much-needed ancient feminine wisdom into the everyday.

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This article was featured in the Winter 2018 Cygnus Review. You Are A Goddess is available to purchase from Cygnus Books.

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