Healing Past Lives by Jacqui Crooks

Posted by Jacqui Crooks
18 April, 2019

“Releasing this wherever it came from, from any life, time or dimension”

If you’re new to EFT you might like to check out a simple way to use it so you can do some clearing for yourself.


Past lives can be very useful to work with to get to deeper levels of your issues. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in past lives or not, you can use that concept to get to places that other things don’t get to.

My personal view is that we come into the world with unfinished business from other lives, with what we’ve got genetically and emotionally from the ancestors and then we add our own interpretations to it all, so there are 3 strands limiting us. There is no need for you to believe that for it to work, however.

Whether you see past lives as being something we lived in a previous time, something we’re tuning into that someone else has lived, or a metaphor for what we’re experiencing, doesn’t matter, if the thought pops up, work on it as you would any other event in your life. You might be surprised at the depth of change you create.

A simple starting point could be as you are tapping about whatever you’re working on, to add, “Releasing this wherever it came from, from any life, time or dimension”

If you get a sense of a particular lifetime, you can then work on the life with whatever details come up. More details often come as you focus on it when you’re tapping.

If you think what you’re working on might be a past life issue and you don’t know what that is, you can just tap on

“Even though this may come from another life, I’d like all parts of me to know, that was then, this is now. Those things happened, they’re over and I survived. I no longer need to hold onto all this. “

It can also be good to mention the year that you’re in now, as a new piece of information for the subconscious. It grounds you in the present.

“Even though those things happened, that was then and this is now. I’m in 2019 now, with all my 2019 resources and it is OK for me to use them to keep myself safe in new, safe and healthy ways that are more fun than the old ways.”

A few years ago, I had 3 different clients come to me at different times, all saying that their current issues were linked to a past life and for all 3 of them it went back to Atlantis. Interestingly they all told the same story about what happened and what they were doing at the time linked to what was going on for them now. The healing they achieved in dealing with this was huge. One lady’s eyesight cleared and she could see leaves on the trees at the bottom of the garden without her glasses! It lasted for 2 weeks, until the next lot of aspects appeared.

My experience is that past lives often link to the deepest fears of not surviving, disconnection from source and of course that links to losing your tribe, exile, abandonment, having to do it all on your own, no one’s there for me, all the fears and feelings and beliefs that keep people stuck.

So…you may not go looking for past lives but if they turn up, work with them in the same way that you work with anything else and you may be surprised at the results

Jacqui is one of the pioneers in using Energy Psychology. She is an International speaker and trainer and an EFT Founding Master. She specializes in helping people to change limiting beliefs and old family and ancestral patterns that create self-sabotage and keep people stuck. She runs retreats in interesting places and trains EFT, worldwide. She presents at conferences and is one of the authors of EFT and Beyond. Learn more about Jacqui on her website http://www.jacquicrooks.com

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