The Cosmic Garden by Margaret Hunt

Posted by Margaret Hunt
19 April, 2019

All we need is to become our true authentic selves and know that we are totally self-responsible for everything in our lives

We are each like a garden and we need to put the same attention to the self as we would to a garden. We need weeding, planting, pruning, feeding, sunshine, water and good fertile soil.

The spiritual journey is a lifetime commitment and the healing never stops for the emotional body has to be cleared until the heart is indeed crystal clear as we become our authentic self and a pure channel for the light. There are many ways to receive healing, and everything helps, but until you fully accept and feel everything you have pushed down and repressed you will never be clear. The garden needs constant attention as it moves through the cycles and seasons of the year and we need always to look to ourselves too and take full responsibility for the flourishing of our inner worlds.

The language of spirit and the language of light is the language of symbolism and it is through understanding the hidden meanings behind everything that we see the truth of ourselves and discover the direction which we are being brought every single day of our lives. The word mystic means hidden and this is because all spiritual truths are hidden behind symbolic language. Every moment of every day you are being brought messages from the world around you and these messages may come when you are at home, at work or in your garden, all you need is the awareness to take notice and then to translate what you see for this is a language of its own.

Listen to your dreams, take notice of the things that happen in your daily life and the things you are drawn to in your surroundings and you will be shown a reflection of what is going on within you and if we do this we then become our own teachers and healers with knowledge available to us at any moment.

Many of you will find that your spiritual guides are not as prominent as they used to be and this is because they now stand back to allow your own soul to work through you and you then become self-reliant and empowered by your own discoveries. If you still carry old unexpressed emotions within you and if other people and situations still trigger these feelings then go within and bring these feelings up to the surface and feel them like never before.

The old ways of spirituality have gone, the old energy has gone, we no longer need to try to be good to please others, we no longer need any protection for that all belongs in the past, all we need is to become our true authentic selves and know that we are totally self responsible for everything in our lives.

You cannot blame anyone any more for how you feel or for what you pick up from others or for what they put upon you for everything must come back to the self and you see that you are the creator and master of your own life. You then allow the full feeling of everything you have denied within yourself, all the old anger and pain and you take responsibility feeling it like never before and then transforming it into light to put back into your heart.

Energy can never be destroyed so never throw away any of what you perceive as negative energy, never take it away from a person unless you transform it first and then put it back. Never call upon anyone to protect you, just know that you are held in the unified divine light. Take responsibility and clear and transform always.

Go into the garden of the self and prune your old ways of thinking, pull up the weeds of repressed thoughts, find the roots of your emotional patterns, compost the old plants transforming your old ideas into fresh fertile soil. Plant the seeds of forgiveness and self-love and watch them grow into the blooming blossoming self. See your inner world as a cosmic garden, a church of nature, a living Temple and garden your inner self and when you have done this use the plants and the flowers as your healing medicine.

St. Therese said that she was given the book of nature by God and she loved the little flowers and she took her teachings from them as she taught that the little things of life are the important things. The wildflowers in their simplicity carry the most potent medicine and you do not need to make flower essences all you need to do is to think of a flower and the essence of it will come to you to bring you healing. Place the flower within your heart or upon any problem area in your body and watch as healing takes place.

All plants and flowers carry the doctrine of signatures, the signs upon them of the things they can heal so look to the flowers and plants and discover which ones carry different healing properties. The leaf of a violet looks like a heart so you know that the violet can heal the heart. The daisy reminds us of childhood and it was used by the Romans to heal wounds so we know that the Daisy can heal the inner child, the wounds you have carried throughout your life.

Nature is one huge medicine box so look to it for your remedies but not physical remedies, let the plants come to you and share their vibrations with you to bring you healing and you will come to know in time what each one means. The flowers are nature’s angels and they carry the highest vibration and so they can heal in a very deep way and they can particularly heal the emotional body.

So look to the garden of yourself and look at the symbolism in your everyday life and let life become your teacher and let your soul reveal to you the magic which is all around for life is one big mirror reflecting back to you everything that you need to know.

Margret Hunt has been a spiritual teacher, medium and healer for many years. She runs meditation and mediumship groups and day retreats and also four online training courses: Magdalene Priestess Training, Magdalene High Priestess Training, Flower Power Healing and Goddess Training. Learn more about Margaret at

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