Summer Solstice Tarot Reading

Posted by Alexandra Schmidt
21 June, 2019

Work towards finding a balance – that’s where true wealth lies.

This reading looks at some of the significant energies around for us to work with between the Summer Solstice and Lammas in early August. We start it as we finished the last – with an abundance of Pentacles energy. Here, we have the King of Pentacles followed by the Ace, representing the culmination of the cycle and the seeding of the next.

Pentacles are associated with earth, the element that gives form to life. They refer to things like our possessions, our work and how we spend our time, energy and money.

Traditionally, the King of Pentacles indicates that hard work and effective management of daily routines and resources could bring prosperity, stability and security.  However, this King also asks us to consider the criteria we use to measure our success and how much it might be costing us.

Thankfully, we’re beginning to wake up to how destructive the narratives of the dominant materialist culture are, but it’s still all too easy for us to get caught up in them. For instance, many of us work in order to provide a degree of comfort and security for ourselves and our families.

But, once we’ve made our work-related decisions and chosen a job or a career path it can become increasingly difficult to step off it. We slog away, amassing stuff, focused on trying to control the future, often motivated by fear of lack and loss, or what others might think of us.

If, as well as a day job, we have a side hustle trying to monetize an interest or hobby we can be even more vulnerable to feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion – plus we risk all the joy being sucked out of the very thing that used to light us up.

In either case, we can end up with little time or inclination to pursue our interests as they, and we, develop and evolve.

This energy asks us to become more conscious of this dynamic playing out in our lives. It supports a period of introspection and review and brings an opportunity to let go of patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. It’s a reminder that who and where we are is enough. Its lesson is one of contentment.   

Working with it will help us to stay grounded and focused on the present as we navigate the surge of creative energy symbolised by the Knight of Wands. The gift of this Knight is the enthusiasm and confidence we need to expand our creative horizons or to set things in motion. It’s the perfect energy to support us in acting on the possibilities of positive change and new beginnings seeded by the Ace.

So, this Summer make sure to take regular time out to recharge your batteries and appreciate your blessings. Set boundaries. Say no. Give yourself permission to trust your curiosity and follow your joy– buy the paints, beachcomb, make and fly a kite. Explore tangents.  Reconnect with the healing magic that is nature. Work towards finding a balance – that’s where true wealth lies.

Images from Cathy McClelland’s gorgeous Star Tarot are shared with the permission of Schiffer Publishing.

When she isn’t reading tarot or studying astrology, Yvonne Hufton grows and sells cut flowers and herbs. Her academic background is in Religious Studies and Environmental Science. For occasional tarot readings and lots of flowers click here

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