Tales of the Runes For Summer by Ann O’Keife

Posted by Ann O’Keife
1 June, 2019

Evolving through the summer months brings us to completion, perhaps of renewed hope, cooperation, understanding and wisdom.

Symbols can be all around us in everyday modern life, communicating to our conscious and unconscious minds. For me, the Runes are a wonderful compass for life. I relate to them like a wise friend that offers loving guidance; giving options to make informed choices, so I can respond rather than react to life.

As summer is here, we move through the Third Aett of Transformation. This shows us how we integrate the conscious and unconscious in order to transform, grow and ultimately evolve.

Evolving through the summer months brings us to completion, perhaps of renewed hope, cooperation, understanding and wisdom. A new chapter can begin at the First Aett, which is concerned with our Conscious existence on Planet Earth. How we look after our physical wellbeing, how we communicate and express ourselves; in essence how we work, rest and play.

Here are the Runes for Summer, which are all in the Transformational and Conscious realms. Enjoy.


Dagaz is a Fire Rune that is number 23 in the Elder Futhark and associated with the God Odin. Dagaz asks us to embrace the light and the dark within and without.

Active theme is from 14th June to 29th June. High point is the Summer Solstice (22nd June) in the Northern hemisphere at Midday. Keywords are Transformation and Enlightenment. Dagaz can activate the Brow chakra, so we can open to Divine Light and Wisdom. Animal totems associated with Dagaz are the butterfly. The corresponding flora is spruce trees and clary sage. Crystals are lapis lazuli, sapphire, amazonite.


Othalla is an Air Rune that is number 24 and the final Rune in the Elder Futhark. Othalla is associated with Odin, the All-seeing all-knowing Sky God. The active theme is from 29th June to 14th July. Keywords are Home, Family and Inheritance. The Othalla Rune looks like the human body and legs and our sense of belonging in the body. Othalla relates to immobile wealth such as our DNA. The animal totems associated with Othalla are stork, eagle and owl. The corresponding flora is Hawthorn and clover. Crystals are ruby and diamond.


Fehu is a Fire rune and the first Rune of the Conscious realm. This is a new cycle. Fehu is associated with the Aesir and Vanir  (immortal Gods and Goddesses). The active theme is from 14th July and 31st July.

Keywords are Purpose and Abundance. From a primal perspective our innate urge is to create stability through moveable wealth. For our ancestors this was cattle (still is for farmers). In modern times, it’s our inner talents and our tools e.g. cars, laptops, phones.  Fehu requests that we balance our finances and use our time and energy well.  The animal totems associated with cattle, cows. The corresponding flora is alder and nettle. Crystals are carnelian, ruby and agate.


Uruz is a Water rune in the conscious realm. Uruz is associated with the God Thor and the Vanir. The active theme is from 31st July to 14th August. Keywords are Healing and Strength.

Uruz is one of the healing runes and teaches us of the importance to care and heal our bodies, minds and emotions. The sign above the ancient Greek Temple of Adelphi reminds us “Healer Heal Thyself”. The animal totem is ancient aurochs, a type of bull. Corresponding flora is birch and sphagnum moss. Crystals are agate and emerald.

Hope you’ve found these Tales of the Runes for Summer, informative and insightful!

Ann O’Keife is a medicine woman, based in West Sussex. She is a Rune expert and reader with over 25 years experience. Ann holds regular sacred ceremonies and workshops in creative writing workshops, runes and laughter. Her passion is to uplift, inspire and teach. Ann has appeared in both national and regional media. For more information, workshops and readings with Ann O’Keife in Sussex, London or online please contact her via her website www.livinglifefully.net

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