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A Butterfly in November and Saturn Returns by Wendy Erlick

When a client commissions a reading in Watkins Books, my first question is “What brings you here and how would you like to feel when you leave?” In their answers I notice a common theme: they are caught in the In-Between and seeking insight or reassurance. In the In-Between they do not feel clearly grounded and I understand that part of my job is to offer them realignment and insight.

Like anyone else I am not immune to restlessness when I notice that I too am out of alignment. However I have now learnt that if I ask Spirit clearly enough I can get profound insight in unexpected and even humorous ways. I learnt this lesson recently on a grey Saturday in November 2018 that reminded me of the opening words of Jane Eyre, “There was no possibility of taking a walk that day”. Although the veil between worlds is thin in November I found myself feeling disconnected and worst of all incapable of helping anyone back into alignment.

On this Saturday, I was rummaging through my shabby handbag looking for my strip of daily contact lenses, but they just weren’t there. My much- loved handbag was falling apart and I needed something larger that would hold my laptop and leave room for those strips of contact lenses without them getting lost! I resigned myself to being grounded for two days until the new lenses arrived in the post. This added to my already bad mood and to my feeling of disconnect from Spirit because without my lenses I might not be able to drive to London to do my most beloved Tuesday Watkins shift.

I asked my personal Angel CB “What’s happening? Why do I feel disconnected?” Immediately, I heard a rustling and saw a beautiful butterfly beating its wings at the window trying to get out. I let it out; I then clearly heard my Angel, “Leave your work for now. Have one day of complete rest. You could go to Kingsbridge?” I was surprised and truthfully not keen to go to Kingsbridge. The voice though was clear and insistent so I loaded my dog, Flo, into the car.

As I wandered through Kingsbridge something caught my eye through a charity shop window: an unused dinner set identical to that of my childhood home. Despite the roughness of my childhood and the estrangement I had with my mother, the engraved set reminded me that she has always tried to encourage me and to instill beauty in our lives. I walked into the shop to buy the set and there by the till was my perfect bag! Its label read Saturn Arts and Fashion.

Happily, I bought the dinner set and bag. When I got home, I telephoned my mother and told her that I had our family dinner set as a gift for her. We had a good conversation for the first time in months and there was mutual appreciation since I had found something positive to reminisce on from my childhood.

Curiosity to know the cost of my new bag led me to Google the label Saturn Arts & Fashion. I couldn’t find the price, but of course I ran across a mention of Saturn Returns and suddenly I understood my disconnect from the Spirit. I am 58 and therefore undergoing my second Saturn Return (which happens every 29.5 years). No wonder I had felt restless! Of course things were going to change… With this knowledge the ground beneath my feet became firm again.

Finally, I transferred the contents of my old bag to my new bag and discovered the missing strip of contact lenses despite checking so thoroughly earlier. I could go to London after all! I knew then that there are many wondrous ways of receiving messages loud and clear. Being back into realignment never felt better.

Wendy Jane Erlick is an Intuitive Coach and Angel Channeller and author of A Gift of An Angel. Wendy is based in Devon but works from Watkins Books every Tuesday (call 0207 836 2182 to book) and by Skype all over the world. She may be contacted by email Wendy is currently writing a new book about Spiritual Journeys called Walking the Broken Road; to be published in July 2019.

This article was featured in the Spring 2019 Cygnus Review.

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