The Way to Achieve True Abundance by Lee Harris

Posted by Lee Harris
12 September, 2019

This is a channeled communication from “the Zs”, a group of nonphysical beings from another plane of reality. 

Abundance. This word carries so many connotations within your society. There are many misleading beliefs and ideas – so many un-abundant experiences – associated with this word. 

What does this word mean to you? When you think of the word abundance, what is the first thought you have around it? What is the first image? The first feeling that you connect to it? 

For some, it will be spiritual wealth, meaning living in an enlightened way with connection to spirit, with connection to source and others, as a daily experience. For others, it will be wealth on the material plane – money, personal belongings, status within their work or career, and the acquisition of material objects. There is a great difference between the two. 

A truly abundant life is one where there is surrender. That is the key – true surrender to everything. Surrender to allowing a great wealth of experience, of financial resources, of love. And also a true surrender to experiencing the opposite of this state – for example, lack. If lack is the truth you are experiencing in any given moment, then lack is what you have created for yourself for the growth of your own soul. 

The way to achieve true abundance is to surrender to the place you are in now, while always investigating how true it is that you are holding yourself in that place. This is just as important for those who have material wealth as it is for those who do not. For, more often than you might imagine, those who have material wealth are maintaining such wealth at great cost to themselves and their happiness. It is a wealth they are maintaining based on the fear of no longer having money, losing their career, or losing their position within society. And this lack of surrender to life, this need to control, creates an un-abundant inner reality. 

The truth is, the universe will deliver to you your abundance. Another truth is that many will not receive that abundance from the universe because of their belief system, because they have limits in their minds as to how much they can receive, how much they are allowed, or how much they deserve. 

Abundance and Karma 

So let’s look a little deeper. Abundance and karma are very tricky bedfellows, as it were. You see, karma can directly affect your abundance in each and every life you live. So if it were to be your karmic desire to experience a life of lack on the material level, that will be the reality. However, as with any karma, this process can be sped up if you learn the lesson. 

If your karmic lesson is to let go of the need for material wealth or status, then once you have achieved this and truly let go, your karma is done. The lesson is over. It has been rebalanced. You can move on, free. Karma and abundance go hand in hand in this way. 

The opposite can also be true: there are those humans who have decreed they will experience a great deal of material wealth, man-made wealth. They, too, experience this until they have learned the lesson, and then it can all change. So, you see, everything is possible. Everything is open to change. However, certain lessons must be learned before these possibilities become available. 

Bear this in mind if you appear to be in an experience of one extreme or the other where abundance is concerned. In either situation, the best you can do is surrender. Surrender to the experience you are in, all the while remembering you are fully entitled to experience the opposite. The full spectrum of having and not having is available to you. 

Lee Harris is an intuitive medium, transformational leader, musician, and visual artist. He will be offering a workshop at Alternatives in London on Sunday June 30, 2019. Visit him online at 

This article was featured in the Summer 2019 Cygnus Review. 

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