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Love motivates and embellishes the world. It sows the seeds of friendships and family bonds. Love is the passion that instigates us to dream, create and achieve. 


What do you understand by love? Do you feel loved? How do you love others? How much do you love yourself?

Love begins with self love. When we love ourselves completely, we fill ourselves with unconditional love. We accept ourselves as we are. We do our best to make ourselves happy, comfortable, healthy, joyful and serene. This unconditional love for us then spills over others. When we love our body, our character and our achievements; we allow it to extend on others. We shine the light for them showing them how to love themselves and succeed. When we are overjoyed at their success, we boost ourselves watching them shine. 

Self love is the capacity that shows others how to treat you. When you respect yourself, they will realise that you will not allow them to mistreat you. 


Where do you seek love? Instinctively we crave for love. We feel secure in our mother’s arms. When we grow older, we seek others to love and be loved in return. Often we are let down as aothers do not return love the way we expected them. So we get desperate and seek love outside us. We need this pain as it pushes us to surrender and find the eternal love waiting for us inside us.  

And there in our solitary painful moments, we gain access to our goldmine. Lying within us, we all have this tremendous ability to love ourselves. We do not listen to our hearts. We think that there is somebody out there who is able to love us unconditionally. 

We start to succeed when we finally wake up and realize that when others feel us chasing them, they play the games on us. We need to show them by example. So we need to love and respect ourselves. It is then that they get the message that we expect them to love us as much as we love ourselves.


We build self esteem when we give time to ourselves. The law of attraction is simple. When we wish something deeply, when we visualize ourselves already living our dream; then it is our time to trust and believe that the outcome will be more than we ever dreamt or imagined it to be. And it will manifest to our highest good.


Love is expansive. Expectations restrict love. When you give without expecting anything in return, you will be happy with every outcome. Returns come when you least expect them and it is what makes them pleasant. Bless the things you give to others: be it time, work or money. Watch them flourish in your love and kindness. In helping others we all move upwards. When you push others up the road, we also move higher with them. When you receive when you expect it less, there you succeed in loving yourself more and be serene. 


Our human nature is weaved in such a way that when others hurt us we retire in our shells and feel their victims. We fall into self pity. We keep grudges towards those who let us down. This sadly keeps us in a space of anger, regrets and bitterness. This space is limiting and unhealthy. It is the spark that puts our bodies in a state of dis-ease. 

We cannot force our minds and hearts to forgive. We have to love ourselves in a way to forgive ourselves for giving others the chance to harm us. We may explain to our minds and hearts that at the time there was little option to do. We sort of had to surrender to certain thoughts, persons or events. We passed through a lot of pain. But we bravely changed that pain in valuable lessons and experience.

So how do we forgive ourselves? We make peace with our past when we realize that in the past circumstances, with our availability of funds, strength and wisdom; we always took the best decision at the time that we thought best. 

In forgiving ourselves we make the first step towards spiritual and physical healing. Then we realize that our perpetrators will never change. They harm people and continue to find others. We are bonded with them through pain. And it is staggering our growth and chance of success. 

We break free from their vampire grip by forgiving them, not for their own sake, but to heal our minds, heart, body and soul. Forgiveness is liberating. It sets us free to open new doors, meet new people and create better things in our life. When we forgive, we live. When we let go, we grow.


Gratitude is the source of abundance and success in all senses. We create our world similar to the one we hold inside us.  So when I am grateful to everything in my life, I create a template to attract more of the same. I am grateful to the little things in my life knowing that they are the seeds that grow into abundance.

Even when I am challenged by adverse situations such as sickness, accidents, financial issues, relationships or work; I seek the lesson and am grateful to the experience and chance to grow.


For me success is working diligently on my dreams and goals. I give it all I possibly can. I go out of my comfort zone to try, attempt, create and achieve. There I am amazed at my achievements. I thank every cell in my body and every ounce of energy that got me so far. When I am so grateful to my body and mind, it responds with love and I am so grateful and happy. And when I feel good and at peace with myself, my body harmonises the energy and heals my soul, my mind, my heart and my physical body.

Success is when you get into your power and you remember your worth. From then you will not tolerate nonsense in your life. The moment you love yourself without any restrictions, the moment you face your truth, you shine your light and allow the miracle of life to unfold to your highest good. 


By Rita Briffa

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