An Excerpt from Light on Fire by Aedamar Kirrane

Posted by Vicky Hartley
23 March, 2022

One evening in July 2015, I sat at my desk to meditate. Golden light from the setting sun flooded my study. I had been meditating for six months and this was the first time that I chose to follow a meditation by someone else and the first time I worked with the chakras.

As I drew the different coloured energies up from the ground, through my feet to different locations in my body, I felt powerful energy building inside me. When I got to the seventh chakra on top of my head, suddenly – without the slightest warning, without any preliminary sign, with nothing to prepare me for it – I felt Jesus come to me in a blaze of fire. 

My head exploded with holy fire. It was staggering in its intensity and in its holiness. I felt Jesus’ presence as a blaze of energy, as a sacred fire, all around my head. As soon as he came, he said to me, ‘I am The I AM.’ I heard the words silently in my head with an inner hearing, but they were spoken with phenomenal majesty, as a king speaking to the whole world. I was filled with a feeling of staggering and sublime holiness. 

I knew with absolute certainty, as part and parcel of the experience, that this holy fire I felt blazing in me and all around my head was Jesus. I don’t know how I knew it; I just did. I felt Jesus, but I did not see anything. It was not a physical seeing in any way. It was a feeling-knowing at the level of the higher mind – the supra-rational or the spiritual mind. I could feel the incredible holiness of his presence, and his intimate closeness to me. His light surrounded me, and I was utterly absorbed into the experience. Nothing I could ever see with my physical eyes could come close to the beauty, the power, and the profundity of this inner experience and this inner knowing.

I was enraptured and lost all sense of my own being, my own body, and the room I was in. The whole world faded from my awareness to the point of obliteration as I was drawn completely into this joyous experience of Jesus. I was consumed by his holy fire, and then I became fire too. All I could do was live the enormity and the intensity of what was happening to me. 

Then the energy of Jesus’ fire, his spirit, flowed into me, and my fire flowed into his fire. I’ll try to explain this with an image of two fountains of water: one bigger (Jesus), one smaller (me), beside each other, taking turns cascading our flow of water in and out of each other. We flowed into each other several times in a beautiful, seamless dance of flowing fire. It was utterly blissful. I was ecstatic, in holy rapture. 

Throughout it all, the holy fire blazed in my head, and on every new in-breath, a fresh wave of fire came pouring into me through the top of my head. I was in awe at what was happening, for the blessing and the sacredness of being visited by Jesus. It was a happiness beyond anything that could ever be experienced in ordinary life. I wanted with all of my heart and soul to give myself to Jesus. The ecstasy lasted about three or four minutes, and as it ended, all I could think to do was to say, ‘I offer myself to you. I am yours to do with me what you will. I am the handmaid of the Lord. I will do your will.’ I was burning alive with spiritual fire, and even now, as I am typing these lines, my head is burning again with that same sacred fire.  

Since then I have been blessed to experience many sacred visions, locutions and divine union in which I experience the essence of God as the blazing light of Love. The following is an example of how Jesus continues to encourage me to speak for Love: Hold me in your heart, as I hold you in mine. You are my own daughter of love; I AM you and you are me. We are one. The light of Christ is in you
– go set fire to the world.

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