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Key Facts

Frequency: Quarterly

Print magazine sent to the addresses of over 12,000 subscribers
Digital edition sent to email inboxes of over 60,000 newsletter subscribers
Readership: 30% Male, 70% Female

Available in the UK to in holistic healing sentres and other special locations
supported by meetings of the Cygnus Café Community across the UK at over 60 locations

Display Advertising

VAT: Ad rates are provided exclusive of 20% VAT
Special Positions: Outside Back Cover & Inside Front Cover add 15% (only available as a full page with full bleed; artwork & copy for these positions are subject to the editors’ approval). Any other requested page position – add 10%.

Full Page

(full bleed)
216mm x 303mm

Half Page

178mm x 128mm

Half Page

178mm x 128mm

Quarter Page

87mm x 128mm

Eighth Page

87mm x 64mm

Sixteenth Page

87mm x 32mm

How to supply your dısplay Ads:

Artwork should be supplied as PDF (PDF/X1-A compilant) or high quality JPG with 3mm bleed.
All artworks, graphics and images must be converted to CMYK and 300dpi resolution.

How to book your Ads:

Email or call 020 7859 4375. Please include your name, address and telephone when emailing us.
Please make a payment with your booking by: Credit or Debit card. If sending a written order please give the card number, the expiry date and security code;
PayPal payments available upon request (accepting £ GBP or $ USD according to the current exchange rate); or Cheque in £ GBP.

Noticeboard Advertise

Texts Only

We also offer advertisers the opportunity to place text only advertisements in our notice board section of the magazine.

30 words =  £50 (including VAT)
40 words = £65 (including VAT)

Mono Box Ads

We also offer advertisers the opportunity for vlack and white boxed text only ads.
1/16th Page (50 words) =  £100 (inc VAT)
1/8th Page (80 words) =  £200 (inc VAT)
3/16th Page (120 words) =  £300 (inc VAT)
1/4 Page (160 words) =  £480 (inc VAT)


250mm x 250mm


Fortnightly newsletter sent to the Cygnus Review email subscribers with the latest book
  • When 1st and 3rd Friday of each month
  • Artwork due: 4 weeks prior to the email date.

Website Advertising is placed  on our blog website, this is a great repository of Cygnus articles, exclusive content and giveaways…


Website ads can be placed at any time.

How to supply your web Ads

Please supply your ad by email as a GIF or JPG file with a link to your site.

Click here to check Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Member Rates

Cygnus Members receive a 10% discount on advertising
in the magazine and online

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