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7 October, 2019 Matt 0

Love motivates and embellishes the world. It sows the seeds of friendships and family bonds. Love is the passion that instigates us to dream, create and achieve.  WHAT IS LOVE FOR YOU? What do you […]

Resolving Conflict by Alan Sharland

27 March, 2019 Alexandra 0

“Conflict is the beginning of consciousness.” Unresolved conflict can be a longstanding cause of stress, physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion and mental health challenges such as depression, paranoia and a sense of powerlessness. I have […]

Poetry by Jonathan Stedall

29 January, 2019 Alexandra 0

Many books and articles about bereavement understandably tend to focus on the grief and suffering of those who are left behind. There is far less written about those who have seemingly “departed”, “passed on”, or in […]

Remembering Lady Sovereignty

19 June, 2017 lucia 0

Danu Forest on connecting with Lady Sovereignty and earth awareness in changing times. We live in changing times, when it’s easy to feel cast adrift of uncertain seas, or held at the mercy of events […]

Moving On

11 May, 2016 Vicky 0

by Rose Elliot ‘Breaking up is hard to do’, goes the song, and it is; we all know that. Perhaps less well known though is the pain of parting from a group or organisation that […]

Sharing Quotes from The Power of the Heart

10 July, 2015 Vicky 0

What are your favourite quotes from The Power of the Heart? If you’d like to share your favourite quotes – from the film or the book – with the Cygnus Community, you can either comment at the end of this […]

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