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The Magic Never Ends

26 March, 2012 Vicky 0

I practice gratitude every day of my life, and it’s inconceivable to me now that I could have lived days, months, and years without practising gratitude in some way every day. Gratitude has become a […]

What am I grateful for today?

5 March, 2012 Vicky 0

‘What am I grateful for today?’ I love asking this question as part of my daily practice. It amazes me, after asking that same question hundreds of times, how varied the answers can be. Isn’t […]

Money is a Gift of Love

20 February, 2012 Vicky 0

Each of us came into this life with life themes, such as illness, death of loved ones, feelings of low self esteem, never having enough love, or money, or success. These life themes aren’t random […]

The Book, the Swan and the Star

23 January, 2012 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, Amanda Painting1, a Cygnus reader, suggested that it would be a lovely idea to describe to you all how Cygnus started, and how it evolved. We’ve never told the first part of the […]

The Golden Motorcycle Gang

14 November, 2011 Vicky 0

Oh, what glorious beings they were! Flying through the universe on their magnificent golden motorcycles, the cosmic wind in their hair, going wherever they chose, travelling at light speed, sometimes even faster. Their bodies were […]

Creating Your Exceptional Life

20 September, 2011 Vicky 0

There is a Universal Energy, a Divine force that creates us; sustains us, connects us to one another; and works in cooperation with our thoughts, words and actions to generate our life experiences. When we […]

Connecting Through the Space Between Us

20 September, 2011 Vicky 0

One chilly Saturday morning, I was standing in a draughty auditorium watching one of my daughters in the midst of a dress rehearsal for her drama class’s annual production. A talented actress, she had been […]

The Answer Is You

20 September, 2011 Vicky 0

As you read this page other individuals are networking at Internet cafes. Some are jogging through a park where homeless persons lie asleep under the sheltering generosity of a tree. Parents are driving their children […]

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