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Moving On

11 May, 2016 Vicky 0

by Rose Elliot ‘Breaking up is hard to do’, goes the song, and it is; we all know that. Perhaps less well known though is the pain of parting from a group or organisation that […]

Colour Yourself Calm Mandalas – Now in Stock

10 June, 2015 Vicky 0

This week we get our crayons out for some mandala colouring in. We’re looking at how mandalas aid mindfulness and will end with some calming singing bowl music from Ashana. Includes special offers and information on Cygnus’ […]

Peace of the Soul: Colouring In Mandala

10 June, 2015 Vicky 0

  This beautiful mandala was created by Paul Heussenstamm. It appears in the book Colour Yourself Calm, written and compiled by Tiddy Rowan. The book encourages us to apply ourselves to colouring in mandalas, for […]

An Autumn Meditation from William Bloom

28 October, 2014 Vicky 0

With Samhain only a couple of days away I’d like to continue with last week’s theme of Halloween as this festival holds so many layers of wisdom and blessings. When we look deeper into those […]

Practicing Peace of Mind

5 June, 2014 Vicky 0

Most of us walk around with pains and tension in our bodies. We may think of this as normal or natural or just part of aging. But it’s possible to move freely without tension if […]

How to Meditate with Colour

5 June, 2014 Vicky 0

The wonderful phenomenon of colour constantly surrounds us: in nature, in the colours of flowers, foliage and trees as they change through the seasons; in the plumage of birds; in the translucent colours of gemstones […]

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