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The Spark in the Machine

27 March, 2014 Vicky 0

When I was three years old I caught my thumb in a folding chair. I cannot remember this episode, filled as it must have been with blood and pain, but my mother does. She packed […]

Quantum Awareness

26 February, 2014 Vicky 0

When we grapple with life, sooner or later we touch the basic levels of our being. These levels cannot be grasped with the mind; we can experience them only in their mysteries. Through reflecting on […]

The Moral Molecule

29 January, 2014 Vicky 0

Consider the lowly lobster. The scary-looking crustacean Homarus americanus has never been thought of as particularly moral, or particularly romantic (unless, of course, the context is drawn butter and a good white wine). Heavily armored […]

The One Mind is not an Infinite Blob

24 October, 2013 Vicky 0

If all individual minds are part of a greater mind, what keeps all mental activity from melding into some featureless muddle in the One Mind? What accounts for the specificity and individuality we see in […]

Just Give Me a Minute

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Ingrid told me she has a hectic life, is uncomfortable, and knows she’s probably damaging her health, yet she keeps going because she ‘owes it to other people’ – though she knows she often shortchanges […]

Stop Treating Symptoms by Healing the Hidden Cause

26 March, 2013 Vicky 0

When you fully appreciate the immense and immediate impact that your mind is always having within your body and life, it becomes clear that physical wellness and emotional well-being are intimately connected. Consequently, physical health […]

The Key to Happiness and Healing

26 March, 2013 Vicky 0

Perhaps the biggest gift I have received on my spiritual path, and particularly from A Course in Miracles, is an understanding of and a means for practising forgiveness. I have found that, practised as often […]

Connect to the Earth and Heal

27 December, 2012 Vicky 0

By learning how to connect with the Earth, you’ll discover just how soothing, strengthening, and healing the Earth is. It will totally change the way you regard the ground under your feet and your relationship […]

Proof of Heaven

30 October, 2012 Vicky 0

I am a neurosurgeon. I earned my MD in 1980 and during the intervening years I was involved in the development of advanced technical procedures like stereotactic radiosurgery and MRI-guided neurosurgical procedures for repairing hard-to-treat […]

Never Fear, the Quantum Doctor is Here

20 June, 2012 Vicky 0

What is a quantum doctor? A quantum doctor is a practitioner of medicine who knows the fallacies of the Newtonian classical physics-based deterministic worldview that was discarded in physics many decades ago. A quantum doctor […]

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