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The Secret of 2

27 February, 2013 Vicky 0

One of the most challenging aspects of writing The Coming of the Holy Grail and Kick Ass Angels was the gradual realisation that, according to what I was discovering, throughout my life I had failed […]

Every Sweet Passing Moment

20 February, 2013 Vicky 0

Dear Friend, Louisa is having a well-deserved week off this week from writing those wonderfully inspiring emails she has been creating for us all recently. However, she has a wonderful blog called My Journey So Far. […]

You Do Know

30 January, 2013 Vicky 0

In the many years that I have been teaching intuition I felt something was missing. So I used my intuition to find out what it was. I always thought that there was one form of […]

The healing power of Self awareness

27 November, 2012 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, There is a lovely young oak tree on the common near where we live. Earlier this year, someone tried to set fire to her. Now, her trunk is blackened all down one side, […]

Cultivating Solace

27 November, 2012 Vicky 0

Everyone, but everyone, goes through difficult times in life. It is part of the process of breaking down the forms with which we are comfortable. Yet these must be dissolved to enable us to learn […]

The God Tree

27 November, 2012 Vicky 0

Perhaps for thousands of years it was the custom for holy men and women, specially appointed, to carry branches or dry staffs from particular Yews of special significance, to Britain from Ancient Egypt and the […]

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