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Poetry and Dream Imagery by Vivien Steels

3 October, 2019 Alexandra 0

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”   Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862) You never dream?  Everyone dreams; they just remember them in varying degrees.  During 1982/1983 I kept […]

Poetry by Jonathan Stedall

29 January, 2019 Alexandra 0

Many books and articles about bereavement understandably tend to focus on the grief and suffering of those who are left behind. There is far less written about those who have seemingly “departed”, “passed on”, or in […]

The Ground of Truth

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

We all know how the media tend to focus on bad news. If we are lucky there might be a small item at the end of a news programme that is lighter or amusing. Many […]

I Mould My Heart

30 January, 2013 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, On the Feast of Epiphany we visited our friends Jehanne and Rob Mehta (see p. 11) and there we met Louis Bohtlingk, author of Dare to Care [220402, £6.99] and his wife Sandra […]

Seedpods of the New Time

30 January, 2013 Vicky 0

At the time of writing, the 2nd of January 2013, looking around amongst friends and acquaintances, I can’t fail to notice what a hard transition it has been and is, for so many, myself included, […]

The Most Magical Tree on Earth

31 October, 2012 Vicky 0

In the plant world trees alone do something remarkable: they lift dense matter up from the earth into the light. In their trunks they bring the solidity of rock and the power of the subterranean […]

The Earth Will Respond with Gratitude

26 March, 2012 Vicky 0

It’s difficult not to keep returning to what the Native American people say, so wisely: ‘What you do to the Earth, you do to yourself. What you do to yourself you do to the Earth’. […]

Finding the Star-Fire Inside

14 November, 2011 Vicky 0

The saying ‘as above, so below’ has always fascinated me, likewise that we are a ‘microcosm of the macrocosm’. Both tell of the intimate connection between earth and cosmos, human and cosmos. So what of […]

With Love to All at Cygnus

3 August, 2011 Vicky 0

Much love, blessings and all courage for the way ahead into these new, unknown and exciting times. With love to all at Cygnus, and warmest congratulations for having stayed the course so wonderfully for this […]

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