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Discovering Your Soul Signature

30 June, 2014 Vicky 0

Ascending our Soul Stairway Have you ever stood at the bottom of one of those old city buildings that has, at its center, a spiral staircase that goes all the way from the lobby up […]

An Astonishing Experience of Forgiveness

26 February, 2014 Vicky 0

Meena Compagnon is a very dear friend who underwent one of the most challenging experiences I have ever heard of. While she was absent from her home, her husband committed suicide while with their two […]

Living Your Life with Integrity

26 February, 2014 Vicky 0

I really want to be a good yogi, and I am trying very hard to purify myself, but it’s so hard. What’s wrong? Purification is an act of letting go. In one of the Gospels […]

Magic Path of Intuition

27 December, 2013 Vicky 0

Awaken, you that sleep. All that you desire or require is already on your pathway, but you must be wide-awake to your good to bring it into manifestation. Affirm: The Power within sweeps out of […]

Growth Is Cyclical

27 December, 2013 Vicky 0

Do you know some happy mystics? You may be one yourself. The luckiest of these people have had a most lovely experience since childhood. They have known and felt that existence is permeated with benevolence. […]

What If…

25 November, 2013 Vicky 0

. What if enlightenment is inevitable? What if the Dalai Lama were a news junkie? Would he be as sanguine as he is, seemingly without stress and judgement? He says he doesn’t keep up with […]

Loving Yourself

25 November, 2013 Vicky 0

. Here is a selection of the affirmations many Cygnus members have sent in for the book we hope to compile, entitled ‘Loving Yourself’. We still would like to receive more affirmations, so if you, […]

A Sacred Gift Awaits

7 August, 2013 Vicky 0

. A secluded idyllic retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds, dedicated to healing and personal growth. All genuine seekers of the truth are welcome. These were the words nestling in the back of the […]

Adventures Of A Waterboy

21 August, 2012 Vicky 0

My name is Mike Scott. I’m a musician and singer and have led my band The Waterboys since the early 1980s. You may know our songs like The Whole Of The Moon and Fisherman’s Blues. […]