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The Deeper Spiritual Purpose of Pets

24 September, 2013 Vicky 0

The process of placing our energy within a body, and in so doing forgetting that we are vast, majestic, Divine Beings made literally from the energy of Unconditional Love, is akin to being struck on […]

Dissolving Some Common Myths about God

24 September, 2013 Vicky 0

Ask the average individual exactly what he means by the word God. When pressed, he’d probably offer some cliché about ‘the guy upstairs’. Trying to define God, of course, is impossible. God isn’t static, any […]

Talking Our Walk

12 July, 2010 Vicky 0

Do you know the worst accusation made against us? (By ‘us’ I mean those of us who are part of this new holistic, open-minded, open-hearted spirituality.) It is that we don’t have any morals. This […]

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