Cygnus Review is an independent, UK-based magazine, that aims to assist you on your path of spiritual, physical and emotional exploration.

With an increasingly wide range of titles available, it’s often difficult to find a good read. We make your life easier by scanning through hundreds of mind, body, spirit titles each month, choosing only the best to include in our quarterly magazine.

Cygnus not only makes it easier to choose your next read, but we also make it cheaper – offering big discounts to our members!

Connecting you with inspiring ideas, ancient wisdom and the latest unusual esoteric book releases, Cygnus gives you the chance to nourish your being and live according to your deepest values.

Cygnus Blog

Written by readers of the Cygnus Review, the Cygnus Blog covers topics ranging from Shamanism to Psychology. It’s a space for sharing your own insights into the esoteric and inspiring others on their journey of self-discovery.

For more information about how you can contribute, visit the ‘Write for Us’ page.

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