Sounding the Divine Name

Posted by Vicky Hartley
26 May, 2010

Sounding the Divine Name

It is of paramount importance that we as a species unite, and experience a quantum evolutionary leap in human consciousness. The question is: how?
What if you had discovered a form of technology that had the potential to unite the world and bring peace to the planet? What if you’d found a technique for sounding the personal name of God that could change the world? What would you do? This was my dilemma once I had made the discovery.

The Divine Name

I have been personally engaged in sound healing since 1980, helping pioneer this field. In 1982, I founded the Sound Healers Association, the first organization dedicated to research on, and awareness of, the uses of sound and music for healing and transformation. In my investigation into this field, I’ve explored a wide variety of different modalities of sound that could positively shift and change the body, mind, and spirit – everything from modern scientific devices to ancient mystical instruments and chants, all reputed to create healing and transformation.
Of all the vehicles for effecting positive change that I’ve encountered, the most potent has been the use of our own voice. And of all the ways of using our voice, the single most powerful sound that I’ve discovered and utilized has been that of the Divine Name.
The premise of the Divine Name is this: there is a universal sound that when properly intoned can bring us harmony and healing on both a personal and a planetary level. The fact that this vocalization is composed of vowels that can resonate both the physical body and subtle energy fields and that when properly intoned, it sounds strikingly like the personal name of God found in the Abrahamic traditions is purely coincidental. Or is it?
Legend has it that proper and reverential sounding of the Divine Name could bring one into contact with the ultimate Divine Creator being itself. Some believe that the actual act of the universe’s creation occurred with this sound. The Divine Name was once said to have been known, but this knowledge disappeared nearly 2,500 years ago. It became prohibited to sound the Divine Name when reading the Old Testament, the religious text that links more than half of the world’s population. The Divine Name became secret, and then it became lost. No one knew how it was actually pronounced. Its sound became pure speculation.

What exactly is the Divine Name?

In Hebrew it is often referred to as the Tetragrammaton, or the four-letter name of God. It has been translated into English as YHVH, Yahweh, and even Jehovah. However, none of these are accurate. No one has known the correct name, since its exact pronunciation was lost millennia ago . . . that is, until now!

Healing and transformation

In truth, the Divine Name – the Tetragrammaton – as I interpret it, is composed purely of vowels. This sequence of vowels can resonate both the physical and subtle energy centres of anyone who intones it. Thus, the Divine Name is trans-denominational and applicable to all traditions of belief.
The Divine Name requires no musical ability. Rather, it is a self-created sound that must be intoned in order to be experienced.
It is the most extraordinary vibratory energy I have encountered in my more than 30 years of research and investigation into the field of sound healing. It is a universal sound that all can experience – with extreme power for healing and transformation. It is now time to bring this name back and let it resonate through our hearts, minds and spirit; and to help usher in a new era in human consciousness of love and peace.

The aura in resonance

I attended the International New Age Trade Show where the first day had been extremely busy for me, ending that night with my receiving two Visionary Awards. The following day I arrived quite late at the show in order to spend a couple of hours looking around. As the show was just about to close down, I passed by a booth that had ‘aura photography.’
At this booth, there was a monitor that displayed the real-time effects of people using the equipment. I was asked to sit down and try it. However, I was tired and ready to leave the show – not particularly interested in having my aura photographed. But for some reason, I was guided to sit down, and as an experiment, to see if any changes would occur in my aura while intoning the Divine Name. Apparently, when I did this, the results were quite startling to everyone around the booth, including the aura-camera operator. Most aura photography shows one or two predominant colours swirling around a person. With these photos, there was an initial slight bluish purple before I began to vocalize the Divine Name. This bluish purple hue was not visible in the first of these black-and-white photos. However a pure white light began to emerge and then enveloped me.
It is not my purpose to validate aura photography or assign any particular meaning to the photographs. I do find it most interesting that rather than the traditional change in the colour of the photograph, which is usual when people try to affect their auras, these pictures demonstrate something quite different: As I started to sound the Divine name, white light immediately began to manifest. I’d never seen that before. I don’t believe anyone else had either.
No claims are made about what those pictures represent. They may well show one aspect of the power of the Divine Name to initiate light and love through sound. Or they may indicate something else. But the more I continue to work with the Divine Name, the more extraordinary events and occurrences manifest as a result.
From The Divine Name, ©2010 by Jonathan Goldman, published by Hay House.

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