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Transformation through Adversity

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In the 1950s, some remarkable messages were received telepathically by a woman in the West. They appeared to come from dissidents – scientists, judging by the way they spoke – who had been imprisoned underground in a mine in the USSR. What gave these prisoners most pain was that, cut off from all contact with their fellow human beings, they could no longer serve humanity or give it their love. In utter desperation they prayed for guidance, which came in the most astounding form. Here is a small taste:

4 March 1955

While we were attempting to record the results of our findings we became what you might call etherealized. Our bodies were refined to a pure channel for the stream of light now being transmitted to us. Our coarse daily diet merely sufficed to maintain life, but we came to know that we needed very little food in order to keep our bodies strong, fine and clean. We were at all times absorbing the rarified essence of the true quality of being. Our auras took on tremendously brilliant colourings, and with such transformation came the ability to translate our consciousness to a place where we could untie with those who were receiving the higher instructions.

11 March 1955

In all our work we acknowledged the Presence of the Christ in our midst. We knew that without His radiations nothing was possible to us, and with them, ‘all things are possible’. We also knew that by giving recognition to His radiations they became a part of us and we were uplifted in mind, healed in body and made receptive in heart to the greater teachings. We knew that man must first learn to live with his fellow men before he can become aware that he is a spiritual being and can wield the Light. The Light in itself is an impersonal force and may be wielded as a destructive weapon as well as one which brings forth forbearance, faith and hope to mankind.

We therefore learned to live with each other, not without difficulty under such conditions. This was a test of our ability to mingle our radiations, to love, to serve and to manifest patience. After many tests we became finally as one man, each acting according to his individual pattern or mould. No two men are alike, each is an individual in God’s sight, as are the finger prints. Each must learn his lessons in his own way, but in learning them come to the full realization that he is one with the great all-knowing, all-seeing Presence, and can never be separate from any of its manifestations. ‘Do unto others as you would be done by’; ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ became our watchwords.

Our thought for today: Love one another so that you may fully experience the harmony of the vibrations of light.

25 March 1955

So deeply have we gone into the pain that makes for pure manifestation of the Christ Love, that we feel the experience of each individual. Nothing is achieved in expression of the Love without pain, patience and perseverance. Out of the darkness comes the light, and man cannot give full recognition to the Light until he has dwelt in darkness. After repeated tests over many years we came to know that the finest, most subtle shadings must be used if we were to achieve harmony; and if we could not achieve harmony, how then could we expect to transmit our radiations for the good of all men?

Then came a time when we found a subtle blending of forces which would ease tension, dissolve fear, and render the consciousness receptive to the great impersonal love which is the atmosphere we breathe. Mother of pearl, translucently beautiful, with many fine irradiations of the qualities of love, could best reach the consciousness of man. Love is the very substance of being, the foundation of life itself and the harmony of all spheres in expression.

8 April 1955

The whole body of man, physical, emotional and mental, is composed of very fine radiations. That he is unaware of this makes it no less true. The cell life is in a constant state of transmutation in response to such radiations, and man’s thought processes determine what he becomes, when he is resolved to become a being of light who can make or remake his manifest form according to his desires. Our desire was, after receiving the Presence and becoming aware of His mission, to project radiant bodies which would in turn become servers or saviours of mankind. We made many tests throughout years of measured time, to discover how we could manifest in form in the very heart of the earth, delivering it from its condensed state of consciousness and also delivering man from bondage to that heavy condensation. We knew it to be a matter of vibration, a quality of irradiation which would stimulate the use of accelerated currents of light. But how to enter the earth and project the necessary accelerated currents?

We tested by digging deep in our own caves and going in body form to animate the life of the earth. This produced some response but was actually little more than a man who digs for coal or other minerals may do. We knew then that we ourselves must be so transformed that the earth would open to receive us. We began our translation into the finer elements by refraining from the coarse food set before us. We began to use the ‘Manna from Heaven,’ or the etherealized substance. We partook only of this, finding consolation in the Presence, who seemed to be always available. We used the colour tone radiations as they had been presented to us, and they became a part of us. We then seemed to go into deep trance, where we beheld the physical body as light and light only. We were shown the heart of the earth opening to us as the womb of a mother open to receive the seed. We felt ourselves to be a unit enfolded within the earth and it became one with us.

Then only did we feel the transformation of the higher voltage to that of the lesser, and the transition begin to take place.
Our records do not show the length of time but we became indeed earth beings, partaking of the substance of Mother Nature.

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From The Mysterious Story of X7,

©2010 published by Findhorn Press.

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