Gentle Art of Blessing – 2010 Edition

Posted by Cygnus Team
18 August, 2010

About a year ago, Geoff Napier called Cynthia Black, editor in chief of Beyond Words Publishing in the US, to talk about printing an expanded edition of the Gentle Art of Blessing, which had already sold more copies than a typical New York Times bestseller. We felt that Beyond Words could do a wonderful job of bringing this special book to the wider audience it deserves.

The Gentle Art of Blessing first appeared as a collection of wonderful words on blessing that the author passed around to his friends, family and acquaintances. The response was overwhelming, and soon that circle grew to include strangers from around the globe. The first version was published in French in 1998 and later in English in 2003.

We hope this edition touches as many lives as possible with Pierre’s profound teachings on the power of blessing. After publishing The Secret, whose message of gratitude struck a chord with millions of people, I see in this book the concept of gratitude taken to the next level. This active practice is a silent revolution, even more important in these challenging times. It truly has the power to connect hearts around the world.

A Blessing for Yourself

It is fitting that the last blessing in this book be for yourself, given in the spirit of Zephaniah 3:17.

Infinite Mother-Love, I bless myself as the smile of Thy great Love, as the song of Thine infintegoodness, as the stream of Thy refreshing Truth.

I bless myself in the discernment that enables me to realize that I am a stream, a song, a smile to all those I meet – as they are for me.

I bless myself in my guiltless innocence, in my full joy that none can rob or erode.I bless myself in my peace that is as deep as the ocean and as calm as the lake at dusk.

Use and reinvent this blessing every day, adding the qualities you especially wish to express – patience, intelligence, purity, strength, humour, whatever. Remember that as the reflection, the smile of God, you already have these qualities as part of you. They do not have to be added on, but simply unveiled.

Enjoy the unveiling, dear friend. It will become the greatest discovery in your existence.

Excerpted from the 2010 edition of The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand, published in the UK by Cygnus Books

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