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Money is the Blood of the Planet

MONEY IS LOVE Barbara Wilder Everyone who applies the principals and begins the process of changing the energy of money to fear, greed, lack, and anger, to love, joy, abundance, and goodwill will find themselves living a happier more abundant life. And this is a good thing. But this personal benefit is only half the concept of Money is Love. The other half is the promotion of Money as Love throughout the planet to help heal relationships between nations, to stop the war, end hunger and disease, and heal the environment.

A big order? Yes. But possible. The most destructive force in our world today is money. Those who have it want to keep it, and those who don’t have it want to get it. This promotes crime, ware, hunger, pollution and disease. No political solution has been able to quell the spread of these scourges. Nor has any religion.

Because people are steeped in the mindset that there is only so much money, we continue to hold onto the belief that there are only so many  who can have enough to live abundantly. Therefore they must take it from others. This is a concept devised by what Riane Eisler, in her seminal book, The Chalice and the Blade, calls the ‘dominator society.’

A dominator society is one in which there are dominating and dominated members. We are currently living in a dominator society and have been for the past 5,000 years. We have come to believe that this is the only kind of society that can exist. But Eisler puts forth that, before the dominator societies, there existed partnership societies; that is, societies in which men and women shared equally all things.

Communities in partnership societies were governed in a partnership fashion, and therefore had no need for dominator chieftains or kings. In these societies, there were no slave or servant classes.

During this pre-dominator era, money was handled by the sacred ones. In some Native American tribes, the shamans own nothing, thus keeping the handling of money pure.

Now, as we step into the second decade of the the twenty-first century, we are at a crossroads in the evolution of humankind. We have the opportunity to forge a new kind of society. To do that, we need to change our concepts around money.

As individuals, we have learned through reading this book and working with the tools and techniques that we can change our concepts around money. But the question arises, what about the people in developing countries and less affluent communities? ‘Sure, you say, ‘I can sit here in the UK as a member of the middle class and change my life. But what about the people overcome by famine in Africa? The children in the ghettos of Philadelphia or Los Angeles? The Amazon tribes being disgorged from their ancient homes, while the land is deforested for corporate agriculture?’

Money circulates the planet constantly. It changes from pounds into dollars, form rubles into euros, etc. as it crosses borders, but it continues to circulate. This is the nature of money. Money – like the rivers and streams – flows throughout the planet and everything it touches it affects in some way, just as the rivers and the oceans affect every part of the planet that they touch.

In the human body, blood flows through the body, never stopping, unless there is a disease. Blood carries the nutrients throughout the body to keep the body healthy. When the blood is diseased, the body becomes diseased.

Money flows through the world as blood flows through the body. Money carries with it the ability to provide for all the world’s needs, but when it is diseased, the entire world becomes diseased/ To heal a person with a blood disease, the blood must be healed or a transfusion given so that healthy blood can flow through the body, bringing with it the properties needed to heal the rest of the body.

When the energy that is money is infused with fear, greed, anger, and scarcity, it flows throughout the world carrying these destructive properties and infecting all that it touches. Since money touches everyone, no matter how remote village, the people of the world, the communities they live in, and the land they live on are polluted with the disease of fear, lack, greed and anger.

If one by one, we as individuals begin to change the money that moves through our hands and our bank accounts into love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, the money itself becomes healed. Like a blood transfusion, we will begin to infuse the money supply of the earth with love. Then the love-infused money will begin to infect the entire money supply of the world. When Money as Love begins to circulate, it affects the population and the healing process begins. This world community, which is in the process of destroying itself with money, can actually use the very tool of destruction to heal itself.

This is where the other benefit of writing ‘Money is Love’ on your cheques and credit card slips comes in. When you distribute money, in the form of cheques and credit cards with the words ‘Money is Love’ written on them, you are sending the healing power of love into the bloodstream of the planet and actively healing the money flow.

Money is the blood of the planet. Heal the money, and we can heal the world. Because there is no lack or scarcity in money that is infused with love, the leaders of Wall Street and the multinational corporations will not be threatened. There is enough for us all. As individual people – shop owners, bankers and even, eventually, corporate leaders – begin to embrace this idea, more and more Money as Love will begin to circulate.

As each pound, euro, dollar, yen, or ruble is infused with love, joy, abundance, and goodwill, the people it touches will be lifted into a more loving state of existence.

The idea of a change like this sounds incredible.

Impossible. Ridiculous. The sceptics among us will say that even if the theory is correct, there is no way to get all the people to transform all of the money into love. And that’s true. But it doesn’t take all the people. Change happens when enough people have joined the new mindset. In science, this is called ‘reaching critical mass.’ Critical mass takes only a fraction of the whole to shift the balance just enough to get the ball rolling another direction.  The rolling ball picks up speed the farther it goes until,MONEY IS LOVE Barbara Wilder suddenly, change occurs.

Miracles can be achieved when individuals change their thoughts about money from fear, greed, anger, and lack to love, joy, abundance and goodwill.

The great Indian master, Sri Aurobindo, says:

The money-force has to be restored to the Divine Power and used for a true and beautiful and harmonious equipment and ordering of a new divinized, vital and physical existence, in whatever way the Divine Mother herself decided in her creative vision. But first it must be conquered back for her….

By changing money to love in your own consciousness, you are becoming a facilitator of this divine mission.

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