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Opening Doors Within – Eileen Caddy

Opening Doors Within

August 10

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Do you want to do something to help the world situation? Then look within, for never forget that it all starts in the individual. As you change your consciousness to love, peace, harmony and unity, the consciousness of the whole world will change. But it is not always very pleasant when you start doing it. You will find dark spots which need to be cleared within yourself. You will find that your motives are not always of the highest and that your likes and dislikes are far more pronounced than you imagined. You will find that you are very inclined to discriminate when there should be no discrimination, for all are one in my sight. You will find that your love for one another is not all it should be. Start putting all your cards on the table, and be determined to do something about it, and start doing it now. There is no better time. I am here to help you. Call upon me, and let me guide your every step.

From ‘Opening Doors Within’, © 1986 by Eileen Caddy, published by Findhorn.

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