Angels of Atlantis

Posted by Stewart Pearce
18 October, 2011

Fable upon fable, and mystery upon mystery surrounds the ancient civilization of Atlantis, so much so that many writers have questioned its legendary status. Things that should not have been forgotten were lost – history became legend, legend became myth, and yet a time has come when the Angels will once more help to shape the fortunes of the race of men.

My intention is to connect you with that part of your psyche that resonates deeply with the notion of Atlantis, and the archetypal depth of human nature; to illuminate the significance of how the sacred wisdom of Atlantis drenched the human species with the knowledge of drawing spirit into embodiment. How through a profound reverence for the divine in nature, a powerful bond was created between the celestial and the profane realms of the Universe. Of how the experience of the physical domain on Atlantis, allowed the inhabitants to live to a superlative degree.


The people of Atlantis experienced a way of being alive that vibrated in concord with a completely different biochemistry from our contemporary molecular status. Their ‘super-coherence’ was created and nourished by an octave of spiritual intelligence far surpassing anything we currently attain, except perhaps for a few notable exceptions, and it is information about this coherence that I am particularly interested in sharing.

Today, there are a few notable human beings, not unlike the Atlantean Atla Priesthood, who through lifetimes of karmic cleansing, have reached a point of rare loving. Who, through years of spiritual quest have sought a point of optimum ‘beingness’, who through disciplined service to the Divine have achieved degrees of enlightenment that vibrate refined states of love within physical embodiment. These beings are the Bodhisattva -’the living saints’ – currently seen in His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the recently departed Sathya Sai Baba, Ammachi the hugging mother, and Mother Meera, to name just a few.

With their light in my consciousness, with instruction from my Angelic guides, a great desire has opened within my heart and soul to write about the Angels of Atlantis, so as to assist with your transformation during this current period of vast planetary and personal change – the dawning of Aquarius.

As we swim abreast this surge, as we gasp air for another life affirming breath, as we view safe hope of land, we may see a radically new landscape before us – we may see a paradise where such inner transformation occurs that we are raised to a wholly new level of consciousness, just as we were before in Atlantis.

Twelve mighty forces

Before us lies a vision of ourselves as luminous creative beings, engaged in the evolutionary impulse of the cosmos, and through each passage or step becoming consciously self-realized divine beings. In this state we may embody an impulse of love so great, that our physical presence will be transfigured, and we will become like orbs of light, transfixed by our energy field.

Twelve mighty forces – the Angels of Atlantis – offer a view of the spiritual maxims and archetypal keys that led the Atlantean people to create heaven on earth. For these archetypes are keys to unlocking the mystery of our consciousness. To remove the power of human consciousness from thousands of years of being held within a karmic closet, existing within bands of force that have affected the very matrix from which human intention once sprang.

My meeting with these illustrious Angelic beings, chronicled in the epilogue The Alchemy of Voice [200505], evoked teachings that utterly changed the course of my life, and the lives of those with whom I have subsequently worked. For the Angels truly remind us of where the Love Gold lies deep in the very flames of the passion that celebrates the hearth of love – the Heart. For make no mistake, if we open our heart’s secret chamber and unpack its love filled treasure chest, full of the most precious jewels of joy, compassion, empathy, patience, grace, gratitude, freedom, hope and passion, we may truly inherit the joy that is our divine birth-right.

Just as it was in Atlantis, if we embrace the notion of Love through continuous moments of our consciousness, that is with a degree of conviction that gestures Love is All There Is, we blast open the furnace of our spiritual conviction, and the intelligence and compassion of an ancient way of loving sears through our living. Therefore, a trajectory to heaven is forged.

When the vibration of our soul’s note moves us to ecstasy – the unique signature note that is the sonic talisman to this sacred impulse sounded into creation by our heart – we produce a key harmony in human form that stops the symphonic movement of the Cosmos in a second of bated breath. This could be a moment of such exquisite proportion that we would literally hear the voice of the Angels chanting to us, reminding us that our inheritance is to manifest the gifts of grace and truth here on Earth.

For thousands of years the Atlantean peoples practised cosmic ideals such as these. By chanting and speaking love, peace and abundance into their lives, and because that was all that mattered, they found a way of being full of joy. Sound and its colour filled resonance, like sparkling light from millions of crystals, connected them to the great jewel of being known as Faith. Through the acceptance of faith, time and time again, the greatest prize above all was revealed – a sublime connection with the Divine. For this level of spiritual attainment was ordained by the intelligence of the Divine Cosmic Matrix, countenanced by its Angels, governed by the Atla Priesthood, and lived efficaciously by its people.

Today, with the sheer living of this possibility, the Angels inspire us to create intentions for the whole of life, that broaden our vistas of consciousness; that we proclaim bold acts of deep-hearted love through our sacred voice sound fields, and that we use healing modalities such as Voice Alchemy as a transmutational force. These bring pranic upliftment, add vital well-being to the empowerment of our spiritual intelligence. For, literally within the core of sound lies the blueprint of creation: of the Cosmos, of the Planet, of your life, and of all sentient life.

Once we are aligned with the interconnectivity of life’s matrix, the condition of we Homo Sapiens (meaning ‘intelligence’) may evolve to the next level of our incarnation, which may be known as Homo noeticus (meaning ‘wisdom’). With this knowledge we will connect intuition with cognition, we will suffuse our heads with our hearts, the rational with the irrational, the conscious with the unconscious, the physical with the spiritual, in preparation for our ultimate state of being Homo Luminous, and therefore living as Human Angels.

From Angels of Atlantis, © 2011 by Stewart Pearce, published by Findhorn.

Master of Voice – Sound Healer – Angel Medium 

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