Welcome to 2012!

Posted by Cygnus Team
24 December, 2011

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2012, our entrance into a period of unprecedented transformation and growth for humanity, in which we can all play a major role, simply by being our truest selves and doing what comes to hand to the best of our ability. Looking around us, it’s clear that major changes have already been set in motion in our world, and most likely it’s the same in your personal life. So let’s be resolved, whatever comes our way, to use the unique power we have as human beings to turn everything to the good, and to weave all the threads of our lives – regardless of their colour – into a happy story of courage, love and adventure.

This year, we’re planning lots of improvements to Cygnus – about which more news in our next issue – and the first step of course is to clear as much stock as possible from our warehouse. Now that’s something you can help us with! Nearly all titles in this issue of the Cygnus Review are offered at 40% or more off, and if every one of you chooses at least one book, we’ll easily achieve our target of having a work-space that’s clear and ready for new developments.

One more really important thing to say: a huge THANK YOU!!!! to all of you who sent messages, cards, gifts and greetings over the Christmas period. We are immensely grateful to you – to feel such a strong sense of community with so many like-minded people brings us so much joy.

May we all walk together, sure-footed and strong, into a future held safe by our own inner peace, and made radiant by our own inner joy.

With many blessings for 2012,

Ann, Geoff, Sarah and the Cygnus Team.

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