Your Higher Self Needs You

Posted by Cygnus Team
22 April, 2012

Dear Friends,

We sometimes like turning cherished concepts on their head and then having a fresh look at them. You can learn a lot that way. In this article, we thought we’d consider a concept that’s central to our philosophy – the concept of the Higher Self – and take a look at it from the other end of the telescope – the Higher Self’s end – to see if we can discover something useful that we didn’t know before.

It’s commonly said – at least in holistic circles – that we need to listen to our Higher Self and allow ourselves to be guided by that higher power within our own microcosmic field; and that pretty much all the problems that flesh is heir to, come down to a failure to heed the voice of wisdom arising from our own innermost depths. We think of our Higher Self (or Christ Self) as, well, ‘higher’, don’t we? Our own personal hologram of the Godhead. Complete where we are partial; perfect where we are imperfect; strong where we are weak; wise where we are foolish; all-seeing where we are, it has to be said, all-groping a lot of the time. And of course all that is true.

A new type of being

However, we were reflecting on this a few months ago when we had a sudden flash of awareness which, if you put it into words, would have sounded something like this: ‘Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute. I need you just as much as you need me.’ And that hit us right between the eyes. ‘My Higher Self needs me?’ ‘Why? How? What for?’

What is this ‘me’ that our Higher Self needs? It is a mind-body system, a conscious presence on the physical plane – a plane on which, owing to its greater density, the law of ‘like attracts like’ is not so immediately perceptible as it is on ‘higher’ planes, thus making possible the experience of a far greater range of contrasts, with all the pains and also the exquisite joys these can entail.

And why would our Higher Self want such an instrumentarium? Because of the stupendous opportunity for growth, learning and creativity that such an experience of contrasts can provide. Because this opportunity of existence on the material plane provides a unique means to create a totally new type of divine being – a being that can express itself with equal fluidity and harmony on all levels of vibration, from the lowest to the highest; a being that can move from the experience of individuality to the experience of unity and back again with ease, as the occasion demands. And most importantly, a being who can carry the divine energies and blessings of the higher, more subtle planes right through into matter, without obstruction.

The great adventure

Can we really participate in that as equals? Are we really providing our Higher Self with such a magnificent, irreplaceable opportunity? Well, yes and no. Yes, in that we are here on Earth, and we are connected, however unconsciously, with our Higher Self. No, in that our lack of understanding often means that we get in the way of the process. So imagine how much more effectively we could participate in the evolution of this new type of being, if we really understood what we are doing, and did it with maximum consciousness and intent. We used to talk about becoming the servant of our Higher Self, rather than trying – as egos often do – to become the boss of our microcosmic system. But after that ‘Hey, hey, hey’ moment mentioned above, we started to see ourselves more as co-creators, collaborators in the great adventure of building of a new bodily Temple in which the higher and the lower are intertwined as one. So, from our new perspective, the human adventure looks more like a three-legged race (with two equals cooperating), and less like a formula one race (with a driver and a car).

Looking at ourselves from the angle of our Higher Self, we can see that all our foibles, the whole gamut of our character, all our desires and all our conditioning can be valuable, useful and lovable. Indeed, if we look back over our past with clear eyes, we’ll be able to see how very many times our foibles and faults really have been useful in the greater scheme of things! So we do not need to feel trapped inside our so-called lower nature, as if in a strait-jacket, for when we see it from this higher perspective, it can clothe us much more loosely, like a coat that we can put on or take off at will. The important thing is just to see ourselves as we really are!

The royal ‘we’

So try feeling your Higher Self as your friend, rather than just as your guide; your friend who needs you just as much as you need him/her. How does that feel? How does it make you feel about yourself? Do you notice how much lighter you feel, how much more confident, how much more safe, loved and free? You are a hero, every bit as much as your Higher Self, and your Higher Self celebrates you as such. It’s no small thing to pioneer this new way of being in matter! And, should you find yourself in dark times, where every bit of your heroism needs to be brought to bear, know that your Higher Self is right there with you, and with your cooperation will turn all things – as it always does – to the absolute, perfect Good. When you know this, it happens even faster.

So, to sum up, there is no need to walk behind your Higher Self at a respectful distance. You can walk side by side, with your head held high, and in that way discover what it means to be a ‘Friend of God’.

With all our love,

Ann, Geoff and the Cygnus Team

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