The Power of Care

Posted by Louis Bohtlingk 
15 May, 2012

The Power of Care

We are in a paradigm shift. To shift from a debt-based monetary system (with compound interest), so much influenced by greed and selfishness, to a possible monetary system based on energy (maybe from the sun), based on our sharing heart and abundance, is a huge shift. There is nothing to say that we cannot do this.

In order to help us make this shift, I want to say more about the power of care and look more deeply at the concepts of care-first and money-first. I really have found that care is like a threshold to money, meaning that our money world needs to be touched by care and then money can be a means to assist our economic world to be transformed into a very constructive world.

Care is like a beacon of light. Wherever we apply it, things heal.

We can form all the concepts we want about how to run a new economy and create the financial world we want, but without the application of care for ourselves, for each other, and for our planet, we have no foundation. Care is like a beacon of light. Wherever we apply it, things heal.

This care also applies itself to ourselves. When we apply care-first to ourselves, we acknowledge and support ourselves and make sure that we are well. This is something we can very easily forget. I sometimes call it angel’s disease: many people with open hearts are like angels. They find it so easy to care for others, but much more difficult to care for themselves, as if it is a blind spot.

Because we are the beginning of our actions, we need that care to be applied to ourselves. What is the quality of our action going to be if we are not well? And of course how we treat ourselves is often how we will treat others.

How do we listen to that care for ourselves, for each other and for our planet? Care is in a certain sense an unfamiliar energy in our culture. It can look like it is very familiar to us all because to care for each other seems to be such a natural expression in ourselves. We so easily care for our children, family, and friends. But there are so many places and areas in our culture where care is not applied, and there it looks like we do not know what it is to care or what care is.

I said in the beginning of the book that the relationship between money and care is very important. In our dealings with money we are constantly challenged in that care. There is a field of constant tension between our moeny-first and care-first attitudes inside each of us, which creates either a money-first or care-first world and economy.


Let’s look at money-first and care-first
in the light of manifesting what we need. Both are intimately connected to how we survive and make a living.
Because money is the provider of so many things, we need it. Our common sense sees that and the main path we take is to work for that money.

In that sense very often we put money first, because we need it so badly. Everyone knows that this doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness, especially if we are not happy in the work that we do. In care-first, we manifest all that we need through care. Care is a very powerful reality.

Most people in this world live by the premise that in order to eat, sleep, and drink we need money and do not question this premise. This often results in an unconscious anger and frustration and also a feeling of being victimized by a world we are a part of and born into, but cannot change.

This is what the world is like and we’d better make the best of what we have, not realizing that there are other options and that we have the power to create the world we want.

I came to realize that this is the premise of the world of money-first and that there is another option, which is that we can begin to love and experience the power of that love. This led me to the concept of care-first; care, of course, being love in action.

I understood the following thing: Money-first holds the premise that we need the money first and then we can have what we want. Money is the provider here and we need to put our focus on the money.

The premise of care-first is that care holds the power and is the provider and we need to focus on the care for our well-being, survival, and money.

The care creates the money The money serves the care. The source provides. We can create all our finances by the action of love alone.

This is a simple shift in our heart, soul, and mind. The care becomes the opener of the way and guides us along a very different path. We are guided by the care for ourselves, each other, and our planet Earth, which really is being guided by love. Love and care as the movers of our economic behavior.

From Dare to Care, © 2012 by Louis Bohtlingk 

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