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Birth 2012: Your Invitation

This invitation to participate in the Birth is the most important letter I have ever written. Its intent is to present you with the greatest opportunity that humanity has ever consciously faced together: the effort to co-create a planetary shift in time to avert global catastrophe by helping humanity cross the gap from ‘Here’ – our current breakdowns – to ‘There’ – our future of infinite possibility.

Why is this invitation so urgent?

Because our current condition of over-growth in our finite Earth system is simply not sustainable. We will either evolve toward a more sustainable, compassionate, and creative global system, or we face the real possibility of devolution and destruction of our life support system and of much of life on Earth – within our own or our children’s lifetime!

BIRTH 2012 & BEYOND Barbara Marx Hubbard

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This dangerous reality is motivating us to enter into what I call the first age of conscious evolution – that is, evolution by choice and not by chance. It means that we need to be causal in the actions and direction we take in this lifetime. What is being required of us is to learn to co-evolve with nature and co-create with Spirit.

Again, why do I say that the timing is so urgent? Why now? Can’t we wait a while and see how it turns out? No, we can’t wait. It’s like the birth of a baby. You might not be ready, but if the baby is ready, it’s coming out now for better or for worse. It can either be a disastrous birth, or a gentle one.

We are being called to a great experiment, for no one alive on Earth knows how to make such a vast evolutionary shift in such a short amount of time. For the first time in our conscious history we are being given the opportunity to guide and ease our transition to the next stage of evolution. This situation is new for humanity, for we are the first Earth species to consciously face evolution or extinction.

This condition may be new for us, but it is not novel for the universe. Evolution operates by ‘punctuated equilibrium’, meaning long periods of slow change that are punctuated by apparent sudden jumps. For billions of years, nature has been going through such creative leaps. It has progressed from energy evolving into matter, to planets like our Earth, to primitive life, to animal life, to human life, and now to us going around the next turn on the Spiral of Evolution toward the next phase of humanity. When we review this Big History, this deep-time past, we learn that certain lessons recur:

Crises almost always precede transformation. Problems are evolutionary drivers. Nature takes jumps through greater synergy and co-operation within and among species.

We are facing transformative crises and living through such a leap now – the great wake-up call for the maturation of humanity.

We have reached what systems theorists call a ‘chaos point’. When a system in chaos is far from equilibrium, it tries to right itself by going backward to the old; this is why we see reactive movements everywhere in society right now. But an evolving system cannot return to the past. It must seek out new structures and systems, and quickly ascend to a new configuration – or else face rapid decline. Fortunately, according to the theory, small positive fluctuations in this sea of social chaos can jump the system to such a higher order.

The Birth 2012 movement is dedicated to the fact that we can each be that small fluctuation! The opportunity now being offered to us from the sacred process of evolution is to participate in creating many positive fluctuations as pioneering souls. We are being called upon to shift from ego-centrism to living from our Essential Selves; to discover our vocations of destiny; to give our unique Gift to the Shift; to work toward maximum global coherence; and to evolve our communities, our world, and ourselves.

In other words, our opportunity, right now, is to become planetary birthing mamas and papas! Joining together, we can ‘gentle the birth’ of a Universal Humanity connected through the heart to the whole of life – and guide our Earth community into its next evolutionary stage.

A revelation

December 21, 2012 has been identified by Mayan prophecy as the end of a long cosmic cycle. Therefore, Dec 22, 2012, has been selected to be our planetary ‘due date’, the new Day One for the next era of evolution.

A profound awareness of an impending planetary shift came to me in 1966 as a deep personal revelation, when I knew nothing about the Mayan calendar or other prophecies. This event was a flash of expanded reality that I call the Planetary Birth Experience. At that moment my inner knowing understood these words in my heart: Our crisis is a birth. I saw that what all the great avatars and mystics of humanity have told us is true: We are one; we are whole; we are good; and we are being born as a Universal Humanity within a universe of immeasurable intelligence, energy, and dimension. In this vision, I was shown that we are a product of universal evolution, from the flaring forth after the Big Bang to the historical present, and I was guided to go tell the story of our birth. The amazing part now is that everything I experienced in that epiphany so many years ago is now happening in real time.

I have discovered in the last forty-six years of communicating our evolutionary potential that this newly understood Universe Story is actually imprinted in our hearts, our bodies, and in our souls. The universe is unfolding and manifesting in us. We are the universe in person! Each of us is the composite expression of the 13.7 billion years of evolution, no matter what our culture, age, faith, or worldview.

When we work together for the great superordinate goal of co-creating a planetary shift, we awaken this ever-expanding creativity and potentiality within ourselves. The lid comes off our life purpose, and our ‘inner Big Bang’ turns on! We are flaring forth.

When anyone says ‘Yes! I want to give my Gift to the Shift. Yes! I want to help gentle humanity’s birth,’ this ‘yes’ mobilizes spirit-in-action within each of us and opens us to the Impulse of Evolution. And it is for this reason that this work leads us to experience such a deep and intrinsic personal fulfillment.

The universe is waiting

Intention creates and the universe is responsive to requests. It’s waiting for us to wake up and connect with each other. In other words, the universe is urging us to cooperate with the process of creation in alignment with nature’s tendency to evolve to higher consciousness, greater freedom, and more complex and synergistic order. It calls us to be receptive to what is within us and beyond us and to move together toward a co-creative society in which each person is free to be and do their best. When we activate this inner process of Creation together throughout the world, miracles occur.

That’s why I invite you to join us and millions of people around the world in co-evolving a new Earth and a new Humanity. I look forward with joy to our shared participation and our collective revelation as we discover together the mystery at work in Birth 2012 and Beyond.

Yours in love and faith in our potential to evolve, Barbara Marx Hubbard

From Birth 2012 and Beyond, © 2012 by B Marx Hubbard, published by the Shift Network.

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