An Opportunity For Glorious Ascension

Posted by Cygnus Team
12 September, 2012

I cannot believe that we are approaching 21.12.12, the cosmic moment, so rapidly. My guide, Kumeka, keeps reminding us how important it is to be ready for this great opportunity for glorious ascension.

On 21st December, at 11.11 am local time wherever you are, the gates to the seventh heaven open and pure Source energy will flow down to bathe all those who are ready. It is anticipated by the spiritual realms that 22% of those now in the fourth and fifth dimension will ascend and remain in their physical bodies to help the world. The impact of this on the planet could be enormous as it will accelerate the end of the old third dimensional paradigm and the move into the fifth dimension. This is why it is so important to be ready.

Clear your Emotional and Mental Aura
In order to prepare us for this download of pure golden light, bursts of increasingly fast frequency energy have been hitting us, showing up what we still have to clear from our energy fields, knocking us into shape for this important moment. It is sending some people off balance, causing dizziness, sickness, depression and other symptoms so we need to be cleansed and very grounded. The angels are using every opportunity to pull old stuff from our energy fields, so remember to ask them to do so. For example if you feel angry with someone or experience an upset feeling you had when you were a child, do not bury it again. Bring it up and feel it, then ask Archangel Gabriel to pull that old energy from your emotional body. In the same way watch your thoughts and ask Archangel Raphael to help clarify your mental body.

Be Grateful
The angels ask you to be grateful for being here on Earth for this amazing opportunity. There has never before been anything like it. The entire universe is watching with bated breath as the next few months unfurl.

Recognise Your Magnificence
The angels also say it is important to recognise your magnificence. Accept that you are a wonderful divine being and this will help you to embrace the change and welcome the energies coming in.

Here are just some of the awesome spiritual energies that will be available at the cosmic moment.

Experience True Happiness
If your heart chakra is open and you have balanced your love and wisdom energies, pure pink love from the 9th dimensional aspect of Venus, the cosmic heart will merge with the Gold Ray of Christ from Sirius. These will enter your heart so that you can experience perfect happiness for the first time since the golden era of Atlantis.

Access the Christ Light and Other Energies
33 cosmic portals throughout the planet will start to open, radiating Christ light and other energies, which will impact on people everywhere.

Visit the Mighty Portals
In addition portals like the mighty Stonehenge will fully open and bring in stellar wisdom. The
Grand Canyon a huge portal accessing the Pleiades, will allow their wonderful blue healing energy to pour through. Table Mountain in South Africa will start spreading an understanding of abundance consciousness throughout Africa.

Connect with the Fifth Dimensional Chakras of the Planet
The twelve fifth dimensional chakras of the planet will open starting with the Stellar Gateway in
London. When they are all fully awake, higher energy will be able to flow through them touching all people and animals.

Access Stellar Love and Wisdom
An awesome and incredible thing will occur, when the spiritual heart chakra in Glastonbury opens, for it will connect to the cosmic heart and this will ignite with love all the pyramids from the Dome of Atlantis which have been placed strategically around the universe. This will enable the heart centres of all the stars, planets and galaxies in the universe to connect. Then the pyramids of Atlantis, blazing with love and wisdom will swivel and link to the Great Crystal Pyramid in Hollow Earth, waking it up. It will send the light from the stars along the leylines. So how will this affect you? As you open and ground your Earth Star chakra fully you can connect into the leylines and access the love and incredible stellar wisdom of the universe. Imagine how this will expand your consciousness!

The Love of the Cosmic Heart
When you are ready you are taken to the cosmic heart by Mother Mary’s angels to be enfolded in love.

Celebrate with the Higher Beings
At the cosmic moment there will be a gathering of the wise ancients, the masters, angels, archangels, unicorns, elementals and our own magnificent higher selves in an explosion of joy and celebration in the inner planes. You are asked to sit in silence, during this moment of wonder and miracles, to allow the magic to happen.

Extra Protection
To accept the new energies you need special protection. Also because it will make you feel so different you will need extra protection in order to get used to it. So call in Archangel Metatron’s golden orange ascension bubble of protection to surround you and your energy field. Bring in the seventh dimensional red light from Hollow Earth (surrounded by gold) to protect your aura.

6th and 7th October
A special high frequency energy is coming in on these particular days. You are invited to use this time to meditate and accept who you truly are. Kathy Crosswell and I have been asked to film a 100 minute pre recorded webinar for release on 6th October to prepare the world for the cosmic moment. The meditations, exercises, Orbs, toning and special energy will ensure you are ready. You can experience the webinar on any day but if you do so on Saturday 6th the special energy of that day will enable you to be ready on 21.12.12. Sunday 7th October is Angel Awareness Day in London. There will never be another chance like this one. It really is a time to ascend with joy and grace.

Diana Cooper is author of 19 spiritual books in 27 languages. She is the founder of the Diana Cooper School, a world wide not for profit organisation.
‚ÄėPrepare Yourself for the Great Cosmic Moment‚Äô webinar is ¬£5. Register online
Sunday 7th October Angel Awareness Day in London contact
Diana Cooper’s beautiful new Ascension Cards are now available.

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