2012 and the Evolution of Consciousness

Posted by Patricia Mercier
27 November, 2012

December 21st 2012

What does it mean? What will happen? What do the Maya prophecies say?

These are tantalizing questions but the answers are not so far away. Wherever we turn with wide open eyes and hearts attuned to the workings of cosmic energies on Earth we see indicators that humanity is facing a period of great change as the impulse for evolutionary consciousness becomes apparent to more and more people.

A pendulum swinging into light

It is as if the great pendulum of time has swung from the deep darkness of despair, materialism and greed into the light of hope, co-creation with the natural world and the essence of living together in harmonious communities. It is evident in the moves towards environmental awareness, appropriate technologies and in both planet care and people care. We pick up this positive swing into year 2013 and beyond as, sometimes small, sometimes large and dramatic, events indicate that indeed, ‘times, they are a changing’.

In my book Crystal Skulls and the Enigma of Time I explored this movement towards positive evolution on physical and spiritual levels:

‘If we look through evolutionary eyes we will see the unfoldment of a 600-million year progression of life on Earth, from the first multi-cellular fauna to modern humans. It is a journey of transformation where, according to biologists, the history of life tends to move in quick and quirky episodes rather than gradual evolution. It is pushing us forward to birth within ourselves and within our times a universal human capable of co-evolving with nature and co-creating with Great Spirit. This new humanity I began to call Homo spiritus.’

The birth of Homo spiritus

The birth of Homo spiritus isn’t about a disincarnate entity – it is about you and I and the evolution of humanity. At this very moment of Now we can each choose to drop fears that divide us and act in unity of our Oneness, releasing unsustainable demands of the twenty-first century. So let’s ride the wave of collective goodness and surf to catch that elusive moment when the new creation cycle, heralded by the Maya, begins.

Many great minds have turned their attention to this uprising of human consciousness; philosopher Jean Gebser, mystic Sri Aurobindo, visionary Sir George Trevelyan, scientists Rupert Sheldrake, Ervin Laszlo, writers Ken Carey, José Argüelles, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Barbara Hand Clow among them and countless wise teachers from indigenous nations, notably the Maya, Inca and Hopi peoples.

Key to the evolution of which we all speak is an awakening; an elevation of consciousness, from material physical levels to an all-encompassing ‘superconsciousness’ simply expressed through linking our hearts and heads. This is where the call becomes personal and no longer an abstract concept. It emerges from releasing all that is immediate, tuning in to the core of your being, then rising through subtle energy fields into the connective depths of your heart-mind. Here each cell is linked to every filament of your auric rainbow body and in a moment of ‘no time’ is consumed by infinity.

Journey to superconsciousness

The journey towards superconsciousness is through kind thoughts, gentle words and living your truth in the practice of meditation, whilst remaining in the moment of Now and your everyday world. This takes you into the ‘Anima Mundi’, meaning the ‘soul of the world’ spoken of by ancient philosophers and alchemists as the divine essence that energizes all creation. The mysteries of life, of nature, are written within it and it is a template for emerging evolution. In this process any irrational human fears or limiting patterns are released in the knowledge that every one of us is on this planet to learn life lessons that we contracted to discover before we were born. So the outcome of this spiritual evolution is already known at some level of our superconsciousness – it is just up to us to awaken.

Let’s focus our intent

December 21st 2012 has become a key date in our modern Gregorian calendar because it has been linked to prediction, much of which is not of Maya origin. Sadly it has been encumbered by the fear factor. Everything built up around the 2012 date is recent interpretation and traditional Calendar Daykeepers of the Maya in Central America simply see time as continuous cycles within cycles. Contrary to popular belief there have been no predictions from the Ancient Maya other than that we can expect changes in keeping with the ending of a 5120 year long cycle and beginning anew. Yet it is precisely because people are focussing their intentions upon the 21st of December that it can be used to swing the pendulum of time into a positive direction. Imagine the power of millions of people all focussed simultaneously upon a call for spiritual evolution, a call for Light and Worldwide Peace.

A meditation practice

How can this happen? Below I give a simple meditation to practice leading up to the 21st and in the following days and years. Modern Maya Daykeepers have said that we are entering a new cycle of creation and our concept of time will change. They are urging us to live authentic heart-felt lives that do not rely upon dubious interpretations of past events or future negativity but instead bring us into the moment that is Now where all is possible.

In your meditations imagine a bright Light of wisdom and unconditional love caressing and transmuting everything it touches.

Let this Light spread in ever-increasing circles from your heart to your immediate environment and to all animals, trees, plants, birds and insects.

Let it circle out across the land, reaching the sea, distant countries and then finally encompassing the whole planet in radiance.

Envision all humanity re-connecting with this Light.

See our Earth aligning with the Galactic Centre, re-structuring positive Earth energies that will take all life forms inhabiting her into a unified future.

Like all the cells of your body that go to make up YOU, so you in turn become similar to a cell in the whole web of life.

Treasure this unity as a jewel of Light in the starry nights of cosmic time yet to come, that has been, and is.

From my heart I wish you joy and peace in 2013.

Alloa Patricia Mercier

© 2012 by Patricia Mercier. Patricia Mercier, (Alloa), is the author of seven popular books. She lectures on these topics and is a Findhorn Foundation Resource Person and co-director of The Sun & Serpent Maya Mysteries School, UK and Spain, a focal point for healing and shamanism.


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