The Divine Truth of Love

Posted by Cygnus Team
6 February, 2013

Dear Friends,

Would you mind if I confide in you? It is in writing to you, after all, that I am beginning to see more clearly.

As we are fast approaching Valentine’s Day, I of course wanted to write about love in celebration of this. No matter how much I tried, however, I couldn’t find the words. The difficulties that have been coming as we move into a new era began proving too much for me this last week … I don’t know about you but I was feeling flooded.


So here is what I feel I must be honest and humble about, because maybe you’ve felt it too … I began to doubt the power of love. It started out as just a numbness, when I got to the point that I could no longer keep my head above water. You know how things get muffled and blurry when you are underwater? That’s how everything seemed to me. I just wanted to sink deeper and deeper into a numb rest.

My thoughts quickly became filled with cold, logical questions like ‘how can we really know that we are loved by the Divine or that there is anything or anyone ‘watching over us’?’.

Let love open the door

As lost and alone as I felt in this doubt and numb surrender, I managed to start seeing through the blur. As soon as love became an issue, as soon as I began losing my faith, it’s as though a signal was sent out and those who are dear to me responded instinctively – without me having to say a word. I was blessed with gestures of love from friends and family, with songs, messages and conversations that were all serendipitously based on the same theme … love. A hand was reaching down to me, beneath the surface. I recognised and appreciated it but didn’t know how to grasp hold of it, I felt too tired. At this point I became scared – I’ve always lived with love, I was a particularly affectionate child and love has always been as natural as breathing to me. Why could I not let love in now and would I ever be able to again?


Earlier this evening I took a quiet moment to really address this lull that I’ve been feeling. My son was sleeping, my partner was doing his art work and I was compelled to go outside into the crisp February air. A cup of steaming hot tea warmed my hands as I intently surveyed the last smouldering strands of a sleepy sunset … I was desperately looking for some counsel; I prayed from the heart as if it was the first time I’d ever truly prayed.

A familiar feeling of calm warmed my senses. I listened to the voice within which conveyed to me that up until now I had only believed the concept of an unconditional, Divine love. It is true that I have lived with love and given love freely, person to person, and I have felt love reflected. With sincerity of heart I have given myself to a One Love, with healing thoughts and intention to humankind … just as we all have been instinctively doing. It has been made clear to me this evening though, by windswept messages from a red horizon, that this is only a fraction of what Love is. Maybe you are feeling, as I do, that it is time to awaken the deep, innate, devout faith in love that is at the core of who we are.

These are the thoughts that I took with me as I came back indoors with a smile on my face. I began to realise and accept that I’d had to experience doubt and fear in order to pray hard enough to awaken such faith. It seemed the perfect time to listen to a song Ann kindly sent me a few days ago. This time the sentiments of the song You Are Loved (don’t give up) really reached me and I began to answer those questions I’d asked myself. ‘How can I believe that love is all around us, that we are loved?’ …

I can believe it because I choose to believe. And the more I believe the more I feel love and I feel loved. A feeling is as real as the person feeling it after all.

Love gives you wings!

Just as the numbness and flat energy of my doubt was so real that it affected my energy levels to the point that I was absolutely exhausted the whole time; this joy of discovering a true faith in love is real enough to make my energy levels, and my mental clarity suddenly shoot up … better than any yucky energy drink! I really do feel physically and mentally so much better than I did just a couple of hours ago when all I wanted to do was sleep.

Our vibration speeds up the happier we are and slows down when we are miserable, affecting our energy levels and even our physical health – so it’s clear that making the choice to believe in love is a pretty sound one in so many respects.

Building an ark!

I have an idea … if like me you’ve been flooded by one thing after another, instead of giving up and drowning in it all, how about we choose to reinforce the faith of love?! We could use this strong faith and the power of love to build an ark! There is no telling how long the rain will keep falling but at least we’ll stay raised up from those currents.

What do you say? Between now and Valentine’s Day, let’s make a conscious effort to build our own ark of love. Surround yourself in love, look for it in every single thing from the moment you throw open the curtains each morning, grow it, cultivate it, believe in it. I’ve listed, at the bottom and sides of this email, some powerful books on the subject which will help us to focus on love and build it up good and strong and we can share ideas on this wordpress page and on Cygnus Books’ facebook page. Come Valentine’s Day we’ll be ready to celebrate, with more faith and with more heart than ever before – not just the concept of Love but the divine truth of Love that we are allowing to become a part of every fibre of our being.


To help you find something inspiring to give to your beloved this Valentine’s day we are offering an extra 10% off on all titles in the following categories: Relationships and Love, Gift Ideas. Our offer closes at midnight on Monday 11th February 2012.

One love,

Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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