Forget your troubles, come on get happy!

Posted by Louisa Mills
12 March, 2013

Not so long ago, Ann shared a poem with you from my blog. It was something that I felt my father was helping me to write, from the other side. Your responses were very kind and it was a pleasure to see others come forward with links to their blogs; it gave a real sense of sharing and openness. I recommend you take a peek at the blogs listed at the end of this page, it makes for an inspirational read.

Any discussion regarding ‘lost’ loved ones and life on the other side, encourages a crowd of mutual support and empathy – every time without fail. This reaction is a testament to our social, emotional and spiritual alliance as we explore for a greater understanding and value of life. I can’t recommend Proof of Heaven enough, for fellow explorers with a curiosity in what happens on the other side of life. It’s a gripping account of a near death experience by a neurosurgeon (a man of science!) who came back from a coma with a perspective of spiritual reality.

How about you? Have you ever felt as though some message was trying to get through to you? Do you have an inclination who or where it was from or do you put it down to your own heart song or Higher Self? Lets put this wordpress page to good use and compare experiences!

Worry less, live more

‘Worry less, live more’. That is the message I sense my Dad tries to impress on me from the other side. Because we do worry a lot don’t we? The big one is that we may be doing the wrong thing. Decisions are a big cause for worry. ‘What if I make the wrong choice?’

One day, we will all learn that there are no wrong decisions – as long we are harming no one then we need not worry. Make your decision and live it, roll with it, embrace the moment. For as long as it feels right, keep doing it and if it stops feeling right just do something else! It’s not the end result that matters because the end result is always the same, for each of us … our bodies return to the elements and that is when we realise it didn’t really matter!

Back to love

All that matters is love. Everything comes down to love. You may argue that love can be lost if a decision you make takes you away from somebody … but you’d be confusing ownership with love. Love is a feeling, a spiritual connection not the ownership of another person. Love doesn’t go away simply because somebody is in another city, another country or even another plane. Okay, but what if we love the wrong person? My father knows well that this question applies to me after having just left, last February, a fifteen year mentally abusive relationship. You know what though, even that wasn’t a wrong decision – I was blessed with a beautiful, kind hearted son while walking that path and the things I’ve learned have led me to the point that I can write these words and share this communication.

It’s not like all my Dad could say ‘worry less’ lightly. The very thing that killed him was the result of decisions from his past. But even that, he is making me feel, doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Pain is temporary. Death is but a turn of a page. Love is eternal.

Take a chance

Yes, things hurt, stuff gets broken, mess is made but that’s truth and I wouldn’t want to change it. Worrying about all that, anxiously anticipating it, just holds us back from living, learning, loving and hey … even having fun along the way! On the flip side of hurt are all the good feelings – the creativity, the pleasure, the dreams, the passion, the friendships, family, romance and again the love … yes we always have LOVE! That’s the stuff you could spend more time celebrating if you take a chance and worry less, live more.

Books to help

I’ve been looking at the books featured in the March issue of the Cygnus Review and, oh my goodness, there are so many that will help to lessen your worry! I want to draw your attention to two in particular, because they really address what we’ve been contemplating here, but please do take a look through the books listed to the bottom and side of this email to find the perfect one to meet your needs.

The Fear and Anxiety Solution does exactly what it says on the bottle. Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD has created a unique, empowering programme using NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and more. This book is a step by step guide through that programme which helps track down and address the the three subconscious aspects of fear and anxiety: stored emotions, inner conflicts and limiting beliefs. I felt a great weight lifted by this book.

In Breaking the Spell, Kingsley L. Dennis explains the necessity to observe the chaotic impacts that surround us and how to regain focus and inner calm by managing and developing our emotional, mental, and physical energies.

Well I hope that the inner dialogue I’ve shared with you stirs up the same spontaneous, live the moment feelings in you that it has stirred up in me. Because, when preconditioning dictates that you have everything to worry about, it’s good to be defiantly happy!

One love,


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