Your soul is singing. Will you take a moment to listen?

    Posted by Louisa Mills
    5 March, 2013

    I hope you enjoyed a happy St David’s Day. I enjoyed telling my son old stories of the saint and painting bright daffodils. We’ve been looking for those cheery yellow flowers everywhere we go because we like to think of them as trumpets, heralding the arrival of spring. Simple pleasures can really can lift our spirits can’t they? I’m feeling good, I hope you are too! What’s more it’s my birthday tomorrow! I’ve probably mentioned this before, because it is uncanny, but – Ann and I actually share the same birthday. With all my heart I’d like to wish Ann a very happy birthday and I’m sure you’d join me in that. Most of all, I send Ann my love.

    Listening with love

    Love is the best gift that anyone can receive and I know that Ann would appreciate it now more than ever. You see Ann is on a quest for a deep, strong and sustained experience of Divine Love. We all seem to be facing our own difficulties lately but it is during these extreme challenges that we stop and take heed – when Ann did she was given directions, from her soul, and she is following them. I trust, implicitly, that she is finding her way. That is why I wish Ann love – as a little extra boost for her, on her journey.

    You can go your own way

    I believe that our souls really do have it all mapped out and are singing the directions to us, in harmony with a grand universal orchestra. Directions to where? I really don’t think the destination is the point … it’s the journey that is so very precious. We tend to make so much noise in our lives, building up a busy spaghetti junction in our mind from the situations we face. We know that we can stop and listen whenever we want; we can find our way back onto the track we enjoy riding … sometimes we just need to remind one another of that though, so I thank Ann for reminding me.

    In honour of my own birthday, I’m getting off this motorway and taking a quieter country road, where I can listen more intently. With the windows down, and the breeze through my hair, I’ll crank up the radio of my soul.

    To help you really listen

    To get back on track, I’ve enlisted some help from Your Soul’s Gift. After this book grabbing my attention, from the March issue of the Cygnus Review, I was so pleased when it quickly arrived in the post this week for me. This read is proving especially valuable to me. It helps us get past those dramas that can keep us held back in emotional traffic jams. Through beautifully compelling stories it helps us to see profound purpose in experiences that once appeared to be meaningless suffering. It helps us to listen to our souls.

    Cygnus Books’ gift to you!

    Because we don’t need to wait until our birthdays to celebrate life, Cygnus Books are giving you a gift of free standard UK postage with any order of Your Soul’s Gift if you quote ‘listening’ as a gift voucher code when ordering (valid until Friday 8th March 2013 midnight).

    Another beautiful song

    I’d like to end this email with one more gift for Ann. It’s another song for her to enjoy, and I hope you enjoy it too.

    ‘Let this Child be Free’ was written by Lou Noble – a woman with a knack of expressing the wild, sensual, maternal feminine heart. She wrote this particular song for her daughter but to me it represents a loving reminder to Ann, of what the Divine Mother gifted her with on the day she was born (very fitting I think for a birthday).

    One love,


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