Your Cygnus Review – July Issue Now Out!

Posted by Louisa Mills
26 June, 2013

Sure enough, Cygnus Books have provided us with another issue of encouragement and guidance. I am so grateful that, shoulder to shoulder, we are supporting Cygnus through the financial difficulties book clubs are facing at this time. Have you had your copy of the July Cygnus Review? It made me smile to read William Bloom’s opening letter about hugs and the Namaste connection. His writing always comes across in such a friendly tone. It’s only natural that he would be the writer of the classic ‘Endorphin Effect’ (is it just me, by the way, or does it have a pretty new cover?). Indeed I thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire magazine cover to cover, with my cup of honey milk and Jewels of Silence setting the ambience.

Made me think of you

It’s true – Gerald G Jampolsky’s feature about fear, love and ‘attitudinal healing’ (inspired from the principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’) did make me think of you. In this feature, the benefits of ‘attitudinal healing’ are listed and one particular benefit stood out at me:

– Emphasizes equality in every aspect of our lives and affirms that we are all student and teacher to each other.

I’ve learned to value that precept, that ‘we are all student and teacher to each other’ and my Solstice / Equinox humdinger last week properly put that into practice. Despite my vulnerable position (not all social circles are quite so forgiving online!), thanks to you I felt utterly comfortable, safe and loved in our resulting discussions. I let go of all fear – it’s associated defensive guard just wasn’t there. Everything positive and right in that synchronized moment was free to do it’s thing. I am so grateful for the warm reassurance and the gracious humour of your responses – without which, no good could have come. Such life affirming communication is summed up beautifully at the end of the feature:

‘Attitudinal Healing views the purpose of all communication as joining and regards happiness as a choice. It recognizes that we are all worthy of love and that happiness is our own responsibility as well as our natural state of being. Attitudinal Healing acknowledges that our only function is forgiveness. Rather than making decisions based on the fearful past, it states that we can learn to make decisions by listening to the inner voice of love.’

What looks right, for you?

There are so many books in this issue that I know would be helpful to me right now. Which books are on your shopping list / wish list? (oh look … another excuse for us to get chatting on Cygnus’ wordpress page!). It was difficult for me to narrow my list down but I’m finally ready to make my order on Cygnus’ online shop. As well as Gerald G Jampolsky’s book Teach Only Love obviously going in there, here’s a peek at what else is in my basket:

1) BURN FAT FAST Patrick Holford & Kate Staples – for my extra weight that refuses to budge despite me curbing my addiction to Green and Blacks. I need a diet book with some hope at winning over my obstinance. The review says: ‘two simple changes to your diet and an eight minute exercise regime’. Yep, that’ll do me. It’ll also help with the unhealthy habits I’ve formed as a quick fix method of ‘managing’ my metabolism. When I’m working hard through the day I know I grab the wrong foods for energy. This low-GL (glycemic load) diet ‘cuts your need to make insulin’ which I’m hopeful would improve my energy levels as much as it would help me burn fat quicker. Plus, Patrick Holford is always an easy and enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to starting this book.

2) SANE NEW WORLD Ruby Wax – I’m refraining from using an emoticon here but I don’t mind telling you that I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw there on a page of the Cygnus Review a book by … the great comedienne, Ruby Wax! Since I was probably far too young to, I have admired the way she expresses her thoughts and feelings with such shockingly honest humour. She breaks all the rules and says all the things we’re not supposed to say … and it gets through because it is completely relatable and founded. ‘After suffering years of depression herself, she decided to tackle the problem head on by studying Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, psychotherapy and counselling – the results were so good that she’s written a book to encourage the rest of us!’. I will gladly stand in Ruby’s corner with my copy of her book which I am sure will resonate with me just as her comedy always has. I eagerly await the contagious, motivational mischief.

3) ALL IS FORGIVEN CD Ashana – I am so happy to see that Cygnus are selling another of Ashana’s CDs. I listen to her CD Jewels of Silence every time I want to journey through lucid dreams and it has become my most used CD for meditations. This CD promises to bring more of her healing signature sounds – ethereal voice singing mantras and chanting to the sound of crystal singing bowls (bliss).

4) BUDDHA’S APPRENTICE AT BEDTIME Dharmachari Nagaraja – As my six year old son is adopting a greater sense of identity and independence, I am seeking out means to best guide him, with love and encouragement. I meditate and do visualisations with him and have been thinking how nice it would be to teach him the way of Buddhism. He always enjoys folk stories and this book is based on the ancient Jakata Tales, believed to have been told by the Buddha himself … my man-cub will love it! The review tells us that the stories gently teach ‘compassion, fairness and kindness’ and that there are even children’s meditations at the end of the book. Wouldn’t it be so much better if the tooth fairy left this under his pillow, for a bit of a change?

5) LETTING IN THE WILD EDGES Glennie Kindred – My little family and I are moving this month to a traditional Welsh cottage and we will finally have a decent sized garden. My first thoughts were that we must start a veggie patch, a herb border and more than anything I want to grow lots of native plants to be used as medicine and food. Voila … on page 8, Maddy Harland introduces us to the ideal book to teach me how – Letting in the Wild Edges by Glennie Kindred.

I wish you more happy reading and hope to catch up with you here.

One love,



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