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Posted by Cygnus Team
21 August, 2013

Star Poem: The Mission

Deep inside each one of us
Lies a world of fascination
Of magic, dreams and fantasy
A world of pure imagination

These wondrous seeds are planted
Before our human birth
We all come from Source Energy
As does this world, our earth 

There is no separation
From the Source of all that is
Inside us lie the answers
To this our lifelong quiz

It’s up to everyone of us
To open up our eyes and see
Discover who we really are
And be the best that we can be

To heed the call, and answer
Is to honour why we’re here
Show gratitude for the wonder
Of divinity ever near.

Susie Wilcox

Dear Friends,

I wrote ‘Loss’ a few years ago as a tribute to a friend of mine whose teenage daughter died in a tragic but wholly avoidable accident.  My words are based on how I felt my friend might silently ponder if her daughter’s spirit is close.  They had an incredibly special bond.  The reference to the butterfly is because her daughter loved butterflies.  After her death, my friend started collecting all kinds of different butterfly objects in memory of her beautiful daughter, and she would associate living butterflies with all her wonderful memories of when she was alive.

In reality, it’s a poem which questions if, when someone close dies, are they really no longer here or do they possibly still exist but on a completely abstract level.

I took a huge risk, to be honest, writing about how I perceived a mother might feel about their loss of their child (as this is not from personal experience), but when the words and verses started to form in my mind, I felt compelled to write the poem.  I hope you like it.


Are you there?
                      Or there?
                                       Or there?
Or are you really everywhere?
Do you pause whilst I stop and stare?
Do you press your face against my hair?
Do you brush my cheek and sigh
When I sit alone and ache and cry?
Did you send the butterfly today
Who helped me while the hours away?
Did you whisper lightly in my ear
When I closed my eyes and blinked a tear?
Do you hear my thoughts when they race at night
When I can’t stay asleep, when nothing is right?
Do you sense my love
And feel my embrace?
Do you see the sadness in my face?
Your loss has left a vacuous void
But my memories keep me whole

Gaynor Morris


High Summer

As the clouds roll away
A glimpse of blue sky
Which matches the sea
As the sun breaks through
A Pembrokeshire idyll is born.
High cliffs and rocky paths
Strewn with flowers
Like gems glowing in the moist air
Salty and fresh.
Gulls swoop overhead
 Into the sparkling sea
Merging with the waves
Bobbing up and down on the crest
Seeking nothing.

Audrey Peterson

An ode to the Green Man

He talks to you on the breath of the breeze
He watches over you from the gnarled oak trees
He paints the rainbows after summer storms
and weaves enchantment at dusk and dawn
He is your guide uphill and down dale
Turns your day into a fairy tale
He inspires you with vistas of emerald green
Soothes your soul by rivers and streams
He calls to you when life gets you down
Get out of the city
Get out of the town
Open your heart, your soul, and your mind
The Green Man is waiting to help you unwind.

Linda Woodcock

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