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Help from on High

I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and experiences with the language of the angels and the life-giving beings who came in response to my pleas for help.

I’ve heard it said that if a day or a year goes badly, and we’re inclined to think ‘This wasn’t my day’, or ‘This wasn’t my year’, we have forgotten to take into consideration that it must have been very much our day or our year, because challenges, set-backs, devastating reversals, harrowing humiliations and flat disappointments are targeting us very particularly and specially to help us do some essential soul-forging.

I have no doubt that this is very true, but I’m not sure I could cope with the prompts to such soul-forging without the help of the angels. And, of course, Divine Mercy never intended us to do so.

The language of the angels as it is set forth in my book is a very simple rendition of what has been known throughout the ages as the Language of the Birds, the Green Language, the Language of Truth and the Language of the Angels. Nevertheless, its source arises from the most ancient traditions known to our Earth.

To use this magical language, just sit quietly, chanting the name of the angel in rhythm, holding your request clearly in your mind, and building a vision of the angel as your chanting progresses. Formulate a short prayer to the angel you’re calling on and say it out loud before you begin.

Angel of Heroes

The descriptions of the angels I’ve outlined are there just to let you know how I see them, and to give you a guide if you happen to find visualizing them difficult. If you’re feeling humiliated and discouraged, as if you’ll never get up on your feet and try again, or if some task is filling you with dread, I’ve found that Nars-in-ha, Angel of Heroes, is very helpful. His mode is usually masculine; he manifests as a man-lion, a great angel with the head of a lion, yet of a man; he was known to the ancients as ‘lord of heroism’ and was associated with the constellation of Leo.

Nars-in-ha has a great roar which, on invoking him-her, resounds throughout the soul when we are grasping after courage but are feeling fractious and fainting. The roar pulsates through us like a vigorous inner massage and vibrates at our very roots, giving us strength to see off the crowding elementals of doubt, fear, worry and complaint.

When I called on this angel, Nars-in-ha seemed to me to have an expansive sense of humour, as if everything, especially my set-backs, suddenly seemed very funny to me! Everything fell into perspective and I began to feel all-powerful – not, I hope, as a result of megalomania, but of angel-empowerment.

Angel of Clear-Seeing

When you feel in complete confusion and just cannot see the way forward, I find that the Angel of Clear-Seeing, Zur-iel (the hyphens are in place to help you establish a rhythm in your chanting) is very helpful. His mode is usually masculine; he is associated with the fundament of truth, the foundation-stone of the temple of the soul and the throne or seat of power which informs it. His rays cut a swathe through the clinging mists and glamours of illusion.

His robes coruscate with the light of the purest rock crystal; his eyes are the soul of clear quartz translated into angelic dimensions. His music is a constant rhythmic vibration, like the sound of bees deepened and made more reverberant, or Tibetan monks chanting. His perfume is like the zest of lemons, sharp and clarifying.

Call on this prince of angels to help to overcome the mindsets and stumbling blocks that bar your way forward. Zuriel is known as a ‘curer of the stupidity in man’.

We seek Zuriel’s help in illuminating dim spiritual sight and opening spiritually deaf ears. We especially need him when we are disconnected with our soul and the source of its wisdom, the intuition. He comes to our aid when our judgement may be clouded by strong emotion or bias. As communion with him deepens, he signals a warning when deception is being practiced against us.

Despite Zuriel’s traditional male mode, I felt the presence of a beautiful woman, like the spirit of a pure lake or pool, rise within me when I called on this angel. Calm and silent, she directed my inner seeing for the rest of the day. If you feel overcome by life’s challenges, call on the Angel of the Everlasting Arms (Zer-u-el), who gently and unfailingly supports you through your trials. Just at this time, we might think too of sending the beautiful influences of these angels, and of the Angel of Hope (Phan-u-el), the Angel of Nourishment (Is-da) and the Angel of Healing (Ra-pha-el) to the Philippines, as a gift from our hearts to the people and animals there in their time of need.

© 2013 by Claire Nahmad author of The Language of the Angels

by Claire Nahmad

Claire Nahmad has designed this book as an Angel Directory, so that you can look up and call on the help and inspiration of the angels that can best meet your immediate need. It carries a new dimension in that when you put out your call, you will be able to speak in the language of the angels. This book teaches the angelic language at its simplest level, which for us here on Earth is its most effective.Click here to buy.

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