When was the last time you read a children’s book?

Posted by Cygnus Team
13 November, 2013

There’s a beauty in children books, they can be the most powerful of stories and the messages are often timeless and resonate for us as adults too.

In Eckhart Tolle’s book Milton’s Secret, Milton is an ordinary young boy who loves life, loves school and especially loves ice cream. One day at school he has a nasty experience – he is bullied by a much bigger boy and he starts to feel stressed and scared, worrying all the time about when it might happen again.

It’s a story we can all relate to. Whether it’s a school bully, a difficult day at work or worries about money or loved ones, the stresses of life can easily take over our waking thoughts. We end up living in the ‘when’ and the ‘then’. Eckhart Tolle’s book takes Milton on a journey of self discovery from the stress and worry of Then, to the Light and love of ‘Now’. This is a lovely book to help young children and even us adults to learn to access our connectedness to the moment, and this potent story is now being made into a film with the help of a ‘crowd funding’ project that you can be part of.

To help in the making of this uplifting new movie visit their Indiegogo campaign which has already raised over £170,000 ($283,199) and show that movies like this are worth producing more of.


And if you missed Eckhart Tolle’s visit to London recently we now have an extended range of Eckhart talks and titles available. You can see our full range here. For 10% off any Eckhart Tolle title (available until midnight Sunday 17th Nov 2013) simply quote:


Warmest wishes, Sam Napier & the Cygnus Team

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